The 24th August will mark five years since the release of ‘Champions’, the debut album from the Birmingham based legends Blakfish, and over four years since the untimely split of the band.


And it’s because of this that we are officially(ish), for the third year running, declaring the 24th, BLAKFISH DAY! A day in which we can remember the brilliance and all round groundbreaking music that the four-piece produced for over 10 years.

What does BLAKFISH DAY mean? Well, it means remembering the band; listening to their musicwearing their t-shirts, encouraging others to discover them or even just taking a minute out of your day to think ‘what could have been’.

But most importantly get on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever and make sure you spread the word on BLAKFISH DAY 2014. Were you at the last ever show? Got all the Albums? Or have you only just heard them? No matter what, get involved with BLAKFISH DAY 2014 24th August. 

Use #BlakfishDay or Tag @musicalmath on Twitter

Also make sure you keep an eye out because at noon we’ll be streaming Blakfish’s unreleased 2nd album demos for one day only and giving away some top notch merch.

Listen to Blakfish’s debut album HERE

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