‘Mnemotechnic est un groupe de rock’.  It may be one of the briefest self-descriptions ever provided by a band but it’s one that suits the simplicity of French three piece’s latest outing Awards. It’s a whirlwind of aggressive dance rock drenched in tremolo guitars and pounding drums that will have any Nine Inch Nails fan proclaiming their newfound gods to be just and worthy…

This is the first release from Mnemotechnic in 2 years and with the power of Small Town America behind them they look set to take their well gigged and festival-ed album debut to as many ears as are willing to listen. Sitting comfortably alongside the likes of At The Drive-In and RefusedAwards is an effortless mix of French cool, vicious consuming guitars, and vocals that sound desperate to escape the mouth of frontman Anthony-Mehdi Affari in as frantic a manner as possible. It’s a foot stomping poundathon of diet McKlusky proportions so if you’re after something reserved or chilled look away now. It’s real festival music, breakdowns that conjure images of sweaty crowds, and the occasional percussive build that crescendos into an explosion of noise.pict3With elements of math-y goodness scattered throughout it’s primarily hard in your face delay ridden rock that really drives the release. Single ‘Shallow Goals’ leads you in with a groovy mix of drums and  fuzzy syncopated bass before adding those melting vocals into the mix leading to manic burst after burst. It’s the kind of blend that demands heads must nod along and instantly prepares you for the rest of the journey.

‘Party People’ continues the theme of unrelenting switching from reserved ticky guitar into a furious mix of highhats that evolve into trashing cymbals and underlying squeaking riffs that stick out like a needle pushing through a wall of noise. There’s a sense of adrenaline and urgency that permeates the whole track and it feels all kinds of good.


‘Then And If The Girl’ initially alludes to heavier undertones but soon stomps straight back into that pumping dance fuzz that Awards makes its trademark. Syncopated beats drop down into quieter sections only to build straight into a plethora of energetic whaling, a smash of cymbals and spot on half beats and rigorous guitar.

It’s an impressive concoction and one that’s sure to leave an impression. If you’re in a dancey mood look no further, you won’t be disappointed.

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Check out Mnemotechnic @ mnemotechnic.fr

Words by Ross Haymes