Free Music Friday #25 | Godard, Like Home, The Death Of Pop & Blood Sport

Free Music Friday

Holy fucking smokes it’s goal-time-world-cup-fever. Accidental Partridge Pie all round, eat my goal and all that. Brazil has got some excellent bands, music and labels as well as a shit ton of coverage over the last few weeks – I’m looking at you 6Music, BBC 1 to fucking 4 and NTS. It may be topical, but it also seems like cynical overkill. Why not play excellent Brazilian music all the time?! For that exact reason I’m gonna be insular and pick some excellent UK downloads! And before you dig into this pile of pop jams have a listen to Adebisi Shank’s new track. It’s a Bobby Dazzler. Godard / Like Home – Split Crash Of Rhinos may have split up but in… Read More →

Free Music Friday #24 | Pariso, Count Your Lucky Stars, Mild Eyes


I’ve got an ear plug. Not one in my lobe like all of you trendy muthafuckas. One of those pathetic ones made up of too much earwax. This means that I can’t hear in my right ear – my favourite ear if you were wondering. That’s not exactly true. I can hear, but only tinnitus varying in volume depending on what other noises it has to compete against. Not a disaster, admittedly. But I have felt like Archer on more than one occasion whilst trying to lip read someone’s food or drinks order. Mawp. Mawp. Luckily though for you bastards I bought a lovely ear cleansing solution (supplied by Otex – please message me for sponsor details) and found you… Read More →

Free Music Friday #23


Balling down the street on my bike I hit into a girl and knocked the milk right out of her hands. The milk splattered all over the van I had swerved into trying to avoid her as she looked the other way, strutting with her headphones on. I can only assume she was so into Eugene Quell’s EP from last fortnight’s Free Music Friday that she was as unaware of her surroundings as I was. I apologised, she apologised, we walked off. If you’re out there: sorry about the milk, here are some more bands. Sorority Noise – Forgettable Forgettable by Sorority Noise Whiny mediocore will always be a staple. As long as you’ve got a blend of youthful hormones… Read More →

Free Music Friday #22

Eugene Quell

It’s dark now as I sit pretending to be a receptionist, wondering where all the basement parties are in London. Not that I’m going to them even if they exist. I’m pretending to be a receptionist. Remember? In between being stared at by drunks like I’m a fucking fish and drinking wine from a mug I’ve compiled a few d/l freebies for you. You’re welcome. Eugene Quell – Eugene Otto Quell EUGENE OTTO QUELL by EUGENE QUELL I know, I know, this was released on New Years Day. I’m sure you all already have it. But if not you need it. Trust me. I liked it so much I bought the T-shirt which you can’t put in a washing machine… Read More →

Free Music Friday #21


I’m in Dubai right now, which is Arabic for ‘stopover’. So, with hours upon hours of time to murder, allow me to Free Music Friday you. We really are passively riding the contemporary wave of easy-living, aren’t we? We can now delegate our thinking to robots called Google, Wikipedia and Siri. The advent of hyper-succinct social networking means we can now acknowledge our friends’ shitty statuses with the click of a ‘Like’ button. And, lo, we now have the prerogative of naming our own price to the music we buy and download megatonnes of albums en masse. The internet really is the bastion of the loafer. Anyways, let’s exploit it like good Western scoundrels. To celebrate the addition of Russian… Read More →

Free Music Friday #20


It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I began to explore musical worlds that I had no previous knowledge of even existing. Since most of my listening pleasures were among the popular variety in my youth, I figured that The Rolling Stones or The Cure wouldn’t miss the few dollars I’d throw down on their album too badly (of course this was before I learned the true parasitic nature of the relationship between corporations and artists). However, we are in an age where the greatest music—the kind that gives that warm “A-HA” feeling—requires excavation to be found. While we’ve all grown to be above stealing from the working class musician, below we have a few great artists offering their work… Read More →

Free Music Friday #19


Yeah, it’s cold in this country, but to the next person that utters the phrase ‘winter is coming’ (a reference to that meme-clad toilet of a television show whose name I won’t state): I am going to throw a hardback novel at your face and change your goddamned desktop settings. Alright, on to the philanthropy. I surmise that both you and that abundance of emptiness in your wallets are crying out for new tunes so let’s embark. This week I’m being all thematic and providing you with the greatest free music in the wily world of two-piece bands. We all dig Hella, That Fucking Tank, Cleft, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Pneu and 100 Onces. This week is devoted to a handful of… Read More →

Free Music Friday #18

a1017406182_10 (1)

So it’s week 18 of our regular column featuring everyone’s favourite combination of Fridays and free stuff. I’m going to hazard a guess that by now most of you are skipping over these increasingly wayward introductory morsels and heading straight for the musical meat aisle below, so let’s get straight to it shall we? Hella – ‘Hold Your Horse Is’ It’s a sad fact that most of the alternative scene now know Zach Hill as part of the outrageously overrated and inexplicably hip Death Grips, an outfit surely more famous for their propensity for not turning up at their own shows, and even more worryingly, choosing photos of erect genitalia as album art, than any of their actual tunes. All… Read More →

Free Music Friday #17


Sorry for the lengthy absences. It’s not been because of a lack of rad free shit, though – it’s because we suck. Maybe someday we’ll get it together – I can’t even pretend we’ve got it together this time as I’m hammering it out in twenty minutes before I run out to see Jonah Matranga and pretend I’m still a teenager. ANYWHO. Elly Kingdon – ‘It’s Okay To Be Sad Sometimes’ Elly is the kind of songwriter you’ll pretty much either love or hate, and I’m still not sure if I’ve even made up my mind. It’s probably “love”, though, because this is some of the most heartfelt and brutally open songwriting you will ever hear. Simple ukulele pop songs… Read More →

Free Music Friday #16


Free music is reet good mate. After a couple of forgetful weeks, it’s great to get back on board the penniless horse; getting amazing music for absolutely nothing. This week it’s infectious lyrics, alternative anthems and catchy as shit melodies. Wilson Fisk – ‘The Bear Cub EP’ Long gone are the days of MySpace when discovering music was an innocent and beautifully simple process filled with joy and wonder, but luckily, through the endless trawling of ‘top-friend’ lists back in the day, there are a few absolute gems that still exist as permanent features within my music library – The Bear Cub EP being one such gem. Clever, unassuming and every now and then dangerously powerful, Exeter’s now defunct alternative punk quartet Wilson… Read More →