Free Music Friday
04 July 2014

Free Music Friday #25 | Godard, Like Home, The Death Of Pop & Blood Sport

Holy fucking smokes it’s goal-time-world-cup-fever. Accidental Partridge Pie all round, eat my goal and all that…

30 May 2014

Free Music Friday #24 | Pariso, Count Your Lucky Stars, Mild Eyes

I’ve got an ear plug. Not one in my lobe like all of you trendy muthafuckas. One of those pathetic ones made up of too much earwax…

23 May 2014

Free Music Friday #23

Balling down the street on my bike I hit into a girl and knocked the milk right out of her hands…

Eugene Quell
02 May 2014

Free Music Friday #22

It’s dark now as I sit pretending to be a receptionist, wondering where all the basement parties are in London. Not that I’m going to them even if they exist…

07 March 2014

Free Music Friday #21

I’m in Dubai right now, which is Arabic for ‘stopover’. So, with hours upon hours of time to murder, allow me to Free Music Friday you…

28 February 2014

Free Music Friday #20

It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I began to explore musical worlds that I had no previous knowledge of even existing…

13 December 2013

Free Music Friday #19

Yeah, it’s cold in this country, but to the next person that utters the phrase ‘winter is coming’ (a reference to that meme-clad toilet of a television show whose n…

a1017406182_10 (1)
05 December 2013

Free Music Friday #18

So it’s week 18 of our regular column featuring everyone’s favourite combination of Fridays and free stuff…

22 November 2013

Free Music Friday #17

Sorry for the lengthy absences. It’s not been because of a lack of rad free shit, though – it’s because we suck…

01 November 2013

Free Music Friday #16

Free music is reet good mate. After a couple of forgetful weeks, it’s great to get back on board the penniless horse; getting amazing music for absolutely nothing…

04 October 2013

Free Music Friday #15

Friday is pretty much my favourite day of the week because I get to finish work at five instead of half five…

27 September 2013

Free Music Friday #14

I’m back from my three week hiatus, hurrah! As a dedicated and diligent music writer, I naturally spent my time off embarking on a profound spiritual quest deep in the …

20 September 2013

Free Music Friday #13

Breaking down the barriers of exclusivity from Rob and Will’s Free Music Friday dictatorship, this week’s instalment of ethically sourced free music might be …

13 September 2013

Free Music Friday #12

Here for another week! We’re back on track! More or less, anyway…

06 September 2013

Free Music Friday #11

So I had a week off due to forgetfulness, but look, I’m back, with more crap for you to listen to for free! Yeah! Nothing new and cutting-edge or anything this time…

23 August 2013

Free Music Friday #10

After an unexpected week off we’re back with another edition of your favourite free music feature, jam-packed with er…. jams…

09 August 2013

Free Music Friday #9

We all know that feeling…

02 August 2013

Free Music Friday #8

It is a Friday once again…

26 July 2013

Free Music Friday #7

So it’s already week seven of the free music column I’m fast running out of creative introductions for, and if you’re a regular Musical Mathematics reader, by now y…

19 July 2013

Free Music Friday #6

You know the drill by now. It’s Friday! Here’s some music that you don’t have to feel guilty about not paying for…