Shrine, Brighton’s newest aggressive post-math quartet, are to release the first part to their forthcoming EP, Closer To The Sun, on the 7th April and oh boy are you in for a treat…

The first track, ‘Saviour’ entices the listener with a heavy introduction that digs its claws in, slowly releasing grip with the use of bright falsetto that glazes over mathy twinkles and rough textures. Who brought Oceansize back from the dead? Shrine did. ‘Saviour’ is a fantastic opening to this EP, giving a flavour for what Shrine can do as a whole… introducing guttural vocals that spiral into perfectly pitched notes, showing elegance and grace within the heat of the moment.
It’s a mixture of emotions and dynamics, something which definitely appeals to avid fans of post-hardcore, math-rock and start-stop stabs. The closing minute of this track has a slightly different feel to it, building to an complex and atmospheric climax, sliding suddenly into the second track, ‘Say You Will’.

‘Say You will’ with its timid approach during the first couple of minutes, carries on with sweet and elegant falsetto vocals, gentle on the ears, soothing on the skin, and easy on the lips. With each second that passes, more and more noise is added, and you’re left with an outburst of anger which is heard throughout the whole band. It’s a good sandwich filler, not too harsh, but at the same time, meaty and strong enough to keep it afloat.

The final track, ‘Closer To The Sun’ sends this short and snappy 3-track EP – the first of a 2-part series – out with an incredible bang, with its Blakfish-esque tension filled cascades of drama and unpredictable passion. Its stampede of textures; light and dark, loud and quiet, brash and calm, and its endless desirable vocals, leaves us with a glimpse of what’s to come next for Shrine – awesomeness, that’s what.