First ‘He Should’ve Died (As A Kid)’, and now ‘Thick Black Warpaint’. Jesus, Bearfoot Beware‘s new album is gonna be genius.

So, after premiering Bearfoot Beware’s last track/video – the fierce and brilliant ‘He Should’ve Died (As A Kid)’ – this week we’re back with yet more audio/visual action from the Yorkshire trio.

That’s right, Leeds’ most determined and well-loved math rock loving three-piece have a new track out – and it’s great. Taken from their up-coming full length World Owes You Nowt, Bearfoot’s latest piece of seedy alt-rock is a sign a great things to come. We’re super excited for World Owes You Nowt, and you should be too.

According to the BB lads, the new video “highlights the violent clashes between man/industry and nature. The video plays to the lyrics, man destroys nature/ destroy itself.” Some pretty deep shit.

So check out their new track and video right now at the top there, and look out for their new album when it drops on the 27th of April.