Introducing the complex, inspiring and absolutely masterful Father Figure; your new favourite band.

FFO: The Physics House Band, Renaissance Sound, The Mars Volta, CHON, TalonsFather Figure are Mike, Eric, Taka, Gerard and Steve, and after releasing their striking debut Congratulations On Your Loss back in 2012, the quartet have been steadily honing their progressive and experimental sound. But with the completion of their new record Heavy Meddlers, the New York based band have come into their own, with what is arguably one of math-rock’s most accomplished and ambitious releases.

Huge is both scope and sound, and littered with dynamic flourishes of diverse instrumentation, on Heavy Meddlers Father Figure sound incredible. Tipping from passages of jazz and lounge, to sections of expansive prog and math-rock, this album has something for everyone, and has the longevity to match; surpassing many of the band’s contemporaries.

Father Figure Musical Mathematics

With little lead up to the release of Father Figure’s new 8-track album, Heavy Meddlers is now available to stream in full and buy straight from the band. So for god’s sake, please take advantage of this album, and enjoy one of 2014’s most exciting bands. Listen to the album in full above.

We recently caught up with the band, and asked them to shed some light on their latest release:

 “HEAVY MEDDLERS is what we are. We write a song, we smash it to pieces, and resurrect it until we’re all grinning. It’s fun to painfully bemuse ourselves. We’re not willing to do it any other way. This album is a self-contained operation. Everything is made in-house. The album also introduces our new violinist Taka! With this, the band entered an entirely new dimension of songwriting, which was raw and exciting for us to tinker with. Our music is the permutation of a safe idea into an unsafe idea. High risk, high reward. That is who we are. We are HEAVY MEDDLERS.”

Heavy Meddlers is out now, and can be downloaded via Father Figure’s Bandcamp page

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Words by Andy Crowder