Olympians are a charming little band from down south. They’ve been making music for about 5 years now… And they’re getting pretty good at it.

Here at MM we’ve been listening to Olympians since the release of their brilliant debut, To Our Wives And Sweethearts. They’re a band who – for whatever reason – keep on giving. And with their brand new EP, Olympians are giving even more.
New EP out on Barely Regal 23rd March 2015

A humble, yet incredibly insightful EP; Dance Like Everybody’s Watching And They Hate You is Olympians at their best. It’s a record without labels, stigmas and genres, and all that shit. It’s more than that. The songs are poetic, moving, nostalgic and unique, and the production is brilliant. (You can listen to the EP in full below.)

But you needn’t listen to us, we don’t really know what the fuck we’re on about. MM is just some burke behind a laptop. Hear what the actual band, Olympians, have to say about the EP with this lovely introduction.

A few words from Olympians:

“Hello. Welcome to our EP. It is called Dance Like Everybody’s Watching And They Hate You. Currently we still think that’s funny, although we are not blind to the possibility that it will soon just be yet another long stupid name to type over and over. About 18 months ago (October 2013 or something) we decided that with Parkin in the band we should probably stop fucking around and make an entire album of songs. Firstly this went exceptionally badly as we hadn’t really written together in a room for a while, and it took ages for us to make about 5 songs. It was no small wonder that we managed to finish one of them, ‘Brunch Cannon’, and then release it into the world. After that happened though, something magic happened, we suddenly forgot to be really bad at actually getting round to making music and so by default accidentally got really good at actually doing it and wrote about 20 songs of varying quality.

“We are not foolish enough to think that they are all masterpieces, but we are certainly foolish enough to release them all despite this because frankly we’re far too attached to them now not to follow them through. This collection of eight (or six, really) songs are the melty synth ones of the bunch, and mostly the earlier ones we wrote, and sort of thematically floated away from the rest to become their own little thing. A tiny pile of orphaned vibes for your ears, or wherever you people put music these days. But yes. We don’t break our promises, rather renegotiate them from time to time. There will be a real full-length album soon. At the moment it’s a lot more sad and angry and loud, but then we’re not blind to the possibility we’ll just drown it in the vibes and feels like all the other ones. Oh well.”

Olympians European tour dates with Theo

Friday 27th March – Lille, France
Wednesday 1st April – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Thursday 2nd April – Potsdam, Germany
Friday 3rd April – Prague, Czech Republic
Saturday 4th April – Lausanne, Switzerland
Monday 6th April – Porrentruy, Switzerland
Tuesday 7th April – Milan, Italy
Wednesday 8th April – Turin, Italy
Thursday 9th April – Paris, France
Friday 10th April – Brussels, Belgium
Saturday 11th April – London, UK

Olympians’ new EP, Dance Like Everybody’s Watching And They Hate You, will be out Monday 23rd March via Barely Regal Records, and will be available as a digital download and as a limited edition print, with artwork by the band’s drummer Michael Parkin, shortly after.