Listen to Death and the Penguin’s debut EP Accidents Happen right now, in its entirety, only on MM.

After the release of their first single ‘Strange Times’ last year, it’s been only a matter of waiting until we could get our hands on the rest of their first release.
Release: 9th June 2014
Label: Best Before Records
FFO: Marvins Revolt, The Tupolev Ghost, Minus The Bear, Biffy Clyro

Due for release on London-based record label Best Before Records on the 9th of June, the six-track EP titled Accidents Happen is a monumental first record from a band who clearly know what they are doing. It’s intelligent, composed, layered, and extremely accessible; full of memorable genre twists that distract from the ordinary and challenge the tedious. And you can listen to it in all its glory, right now, right here, only on MM.

Alongside the full stream of EP (which you can listen to at the top there) the band were also kind enough to give us an insight into Accidents Happen with the following detailed track-by-track break-down. So click play, read, listen, and just enjoy.

1. Snuffed Out

We feel this track sets the scene for the EP as a whole: twists and turns, angular rhythms, loud guitars (especially bass) and big harmonies. If Hansel and Gretel had played guitar, this might have been their ode to a dead witch. Because nothing helps you get over a traumatic experience more than a good riff.

2. Space 1998

In the 60’s we thought that by 2001 we’d be living in orbit, or on the moon. What happened to all of our ambition, our sense of adventure, our pioneer spirit…let’s play bass…with a lot of octaves…that’ll show ‘em.

3. An Opening

This was written in a reflective moment. It was recorded live in the studio.

4. Strange Times

This is a song about that moment when you look around and everything around you that you took for granted just seems alien. The frenetic rhythms are intended to induce the mixture of dizziness and nausea that accompanies a shot of absinthe.

5. Bitumen

‘Bitumen’ is our take on the heavy blues of the old chain gang songs of the deep south. The original music was, by its nature, raw and inclusive, a spirit we tried to capture by recording as many voices as possible and pretty much anything in the studio that we could hit with a stick.

6. The Words That Maketh Murder

We love PJ Harvey. Let England Shake is a great album and this is one of our favourite songs from it, played with all the nuance and subtlety of Nicholas Cage riding through l’Arc de Triumph on the back of a rhino.

Death and the Penguin’s debut EP, Accidents Happen, will be released via Best Before Records on the 9th of June.