Over 4,500 miles of North Pacific Ocean separates the cities of Portland, Oregon, and Hachioji, Japan. And yet, Duck. Little Brother, Duck! and Malegoat‘s new split is one of the most cohesive releases we’ve heard in ages.

It might not be the most obvious pairing, putting together two bands from the other side of of the Ocean, but Duck. Little Brother, Duck! and Malegoat’s new split works really, really well. Too well in fact.
7″ split available via Topshelf and Stiff Slack record from the 12th of May

Acting as Duck. Little Brother, Duck!’s last ever release, the 3 track split is the result of the hard work of Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, Malegoat and their respective record labels, Topshelf and Stiff Slack. It’s a short, but incredibly memorable release that puts together two of modern punk’s most exciting bands.

Both Duck. Little Brother, Duck! and Malegoat compliment each other perfectly on this 7″, with both bands exhibiting music which is versatile, demanding and incredibly raw. Duck. Little Brother, Duck!’s destructive and angular 7-minute requiem opens, and Malegoat’s catchy, sing-a-long double header closes. Perfect.

You can stream the release in full, right now on the MM site above.
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