Following the release of the tremendous single ‘Naked Light’, Nottingham’s Without Maps have announced the release of their debut album, Capillaries. And we’re streaming the whole thing, right here, at MM…

Set for release on the 25th of March, as a split release between the brillant Barely Regal Records and the bands own label, 49s v Dolphins Records, the ten-track Capillaries is an exciting journey through frantic showmanship and genre swapping, pushing through post-hardcore, indie, punk, and alternative-rock.

Speaking to the four-piece, Nick & Jack from the band talk us through Capillaries, ,its songs and the reasoning behind them, in this Track By Track…

Without Maps – Capillaries

Blood Songs

Jack: We wanted a short, sharp burst to introduce the album. It’s probably the only song we wrote specifically for a purpose, rather than just bashing ideas around and seeing what happens.

Nick: Three of us in the band do vocals, and we wanted to introduce all those voices right at the top of the album – hence the overlapping vocal intro. I love the scratchy, roomy start, where Jack sounds like death because he’d had too many cans and cigarettes at a festival the night before. We’d been shouting along to nostalgia-rock in the dance tent, which is a coincidence because the lyrics are all about those songs that you liked back then – the ones you’ll keep listening to forever.

Moving Out

Jack: This is the first song we ever wrote in this band. It pretty much perfectly fits the original criteria we had, which was “drop D stupid boy rock”. Lyrically it’s all about how stoked I was when I moved out my parents’ house and into the big bad city, but also about the downside to that, which was working in a low paid job with a uniform which looked like an old lady’s blouse.

Nick: It seems weird that the first song the band wrote would end up being on the album, but we all like it so much that we couldn’t leave it out.

Museum For Ships

Jack: I had been listening to that Raein album “Sulla linea dell’orizzonte fra questa mia vita e quella di tutti” and wanted to write something that sounded as melodic and melancholic. The original draft for the lyrics was based on John Harris’s brilliant book about Brit pop, “The Last Party”. The main emphasis of the lyrics was on how a movement can become corrupt and incredibly self-indulgent. Nick then did a re-write and added his particular take.

Nick: Basically I turned it into an aquatic metaphor. Which works, ’cause there are ships on our t-shirts too!

Without Maps press photo


Jack: This is one of the first songs we wrote with our guitars tuned to F. Loads of super sweet emo bands we all love use this tuning, so we thought we’d give it a go. Lyrically, it’s about the great man himself. After band practice one time we saw his reality show on ITV4. I thought he was a fascinating man; obviously really hard working and determined but also quite vain and selfish. There was some moments in the show where he seemed utterly, utterly lost, like a child.

Nick: There is an earlier recording of this song with Tom (our old singer and guitarist), so we had to rework it a bit. Jack and I now share the verses, and the sung chorus has been replaced by a shoutier one. It sounds more like us.

Cat Mansion

Jack: Tom told us about how his old band joked about calling themselves this. I thought it was such an ace name I definitely wanted to use it for something. Lyrically this is our only political song, but it’s not overt as we are definitely not a finger wagging band. It’s more about my feelings on the political process leading up to the last election. There is this rad little quote I heard at the time but I can’t remember who said it; it was something like “Would you prefer your puppet on the left hand or right?”

Nick: There an earlier version of this song too, on our split with Samoans. But it sounds so much bigger here.


Jack: This one’s all about Dave’s guitar playing. It originally started out with me wanting to write one of those awesome steam roller songs that Jogging are so good at. I think this was the first song Dave wrote on when he joined the band and he did a stand up job on it. Nick took sole charge of the lyrics for this one; I think it’s about him witnessing the nihilistic afterbirth that aborts itself from Rock City every Thursday night.

Nick: It was specifically on A Level results night, at 3am. Everybody was an utter WKD-soaked falling-over mess, but then again that’s nothing we haven’t all done. I had a confusing feeling that was somewhere between pity and pride.

This Is An I Song

Jack: This is another straight up Drop D punk song. Rory told me he liked wordy lyrics, so this was my attempt at writing some. The main theme is the disposability of music now. It owes a big nod to Les Savy Fav’s “Meet Me In The Dollar Bin”.

Naked Light

Jack: Another in F tuning; we were trying to be as poppy as we could on this one. It’s inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita” and is written from the point of view of Woland, the mischievous devil like character in the book.

Nick: Basically it’s about temptation. Doing things you know you shouldn’t. Again.

Without Maps live shot 3

Faded Friends

Jack: Probably the softest song on the record. It has some really cool vocal rhythms going on, courtesy of Nick’s talent in arranging vocals. It also has a massive hook in the middle of it which I think sounds well like The Cure. The original idea for the song was to base the words on the TV show Homeland. I thought the show had some really interesting concepts going on, such as loyalty, patriotism, truth, honour etc. I wrote the first draft and then Nick took it over and expanded on it.

Nick: I wanted to write about people you haven’t seen a while. The ones that seem to have grown up a lot more than we have.

Other Peoples Art

Jack: One of my personal favourites. The guitars are tuned to DADGAD – a tuning I got from that awesome Pretty Girls Make Graves song “This Is Our Emergency”. It’s about watching a band and just getting so pumped you want to grab a guitar and start smashing out riffs and that’s all you can think about.

Nick: It’s about jealousy, kind of. And just needing to be in a band. I guess that’s how we ended up with an album.


Capillaries is available to pre-order now on CD from, where fans can also download two tracks from the record for free: “Naked Light” and “JCVD”. All pre-orders come with an instant download of all 10 tracks from the album ahead of the physical release date in March.

To coincide with the news of their debut album release, Without Maps have announced a number of live dates this Easter, as well as news of a full UK tour with Bayoné in May (full dates TBA).

Live dates:

25 March 2013 – Cooking Jar / Leicester w/ Gunning For Tamar

28 Mar 2013 – Ryan’s Bar / Derby w/ Gunning For Tamar

5 Apr 2013 – JT Soar / Nottingham w/ Delta Sleep, Well Wisher

May 2013 – UK tour with Bayoné (full dates TBA) / /