It’s our pleasure to introduce the latest video offering from Plymouth multi-instrumentalist Steve Strong.

‘Contort/Retreat’ helps further define Steve’s unique sound, building on his previous offerings’ mix of post-rock textures, hypnotic loops and break-beat inspired drums. Recorded live in time to coincide with Steve’s Irish tour which starts today, if you happen to be reading this over the water, dear Reader, you should take no further convincing to make it out to a show.

We caught up with Steve before he left the depths of Devon to get the low down on the track, the tour and what the future holds.

So firstly, tell us about the video?‘Contort/Retreat’ is the most recent song I’ve written. It’s a sort of expression of conflicting emotions – it’s about both weakness and strength and not knowing whether to stay put or get the hell out of a situation. It’s the opener to my set now and I’m really proud of it. The video shoot took 8 hours to set up and was produced by Jay Auborn with the help of students from [Plymouth music college]DBS music.

November Tour Dates12th Voodoo, Belfast
14th Róisín Dubh, Galway
15th The Gateway, Cork
19th The Mezz, Dublin
20th Sweeney’s, Dublin
21st Atlantic Bar, Portrush
22nd The Mercantile, Dublin

You’re on tour in Ireland. Tell us about that – have you been before? What have the shows been like?

I’m on tour in Ireland from 12th November until the 23rd. My first show is in Belfast and I’m playing nine shows in total, covering Dublin, Cork, Portrush and Galway. It’s the second time I’ve been over – I toured Ireland in July just gone. I played 5 dates last time and was blown away with the reception I got and how enthusiastic and passionate people were about my music. There are some great bands I played with then and there are some great bands on the bill for the coming tour, such as Punch Face Champions, Facing, BIRDS, Stop All The Clocks and Between Screams. I felt really at home there last time and was well looked after.

What else can we expect from you in the near future? What’s next after the tour?

The plan is to leave full time work by April, buy a van and get touring more. I have plans to tour America with Yvette Young (a very good musician from the States), who I’m also looking to collaborate with to make an EP. On top of that, I’m hoping to tour France and Italy – I am looking for promoters and venues and basically want to play anywhere I can. I also plan to release a new EP including this song and another three I’ve been writing.

You’re one of a number of one man bands in the math/post rock scene at the moment, along with Theo and Mylets to name just a couple. Do you think it takes a special mentality to be able to go it alone?

Firstly, it’s flattering to be put in the same category as those guys! Looping is definitely a hard thing to do. It can restrict you and often be hard to create flow and not seem repetitive. But at the same time it’s an incredible feeling to be able to control your music fully and take it in any direction you want. It’s easier managing yourself alone rather than four or five members and it offers a chance to create something that’s very personal.

Steve Strong begins his Irish tour today at Voodoo in Belfast and takes in 3 Dublin shows along the way, culminating in a headline slot at The Mercantile.