Stream Peaks’ brand new ‘Hollowhead’ EP


Bad Grammar front man Ben Forrester introduces a handful of lush, stripped-back songs with his new project Peaks. Gone are the overdriven guitars, guttural shouts and crashing drums of his last band, but that doesn’t make the down-beat and emotive sounds of Peaks any less potent. Brain-child of Manchester-based ‘muso’ and all-round bad boy Ben Forrester, Peaks has only been around since the end of last year, but things are already moving quickly, and rightly so. His second release of year, Hollowhead (recorded by the very talented Dan Beesley) sums up Peaks’ lush, loop-driven sound perfectly. It’s subtle, clean, raw. Fleeting, yet memorable. Short, but sweet. It’s emotional, not emo. It tugs at the heartstrings, but it doesn’t leave you crying naked on the floor in a puddle… Read More →

Listen to Death and the Penguin’s brand new EP

Death and the Penguin Band

London’s Death and the Penguin are back with their incredible new EP, Eine Kleine Granatenmusik. Listen to it right now… It’s been a while since we spoke about Death and the Penguin. According to our site, it’s been just over a year since we premiered their last release ‘Space 1998′. And quite frankly, we’re ecstatic to have them back. Death and the Penguin have been producing intelligent and expansive rock music for the past 3-year. And since Accidents Happen – the band’s debut EP – the internet, and the wider music scene, has been coming to terms with their post-hardcore-influenced sound. A sound, which has developed and somehow become even more honed and on-point than before. Cue new EP. Eine Kleine Granatenmusik is the band’s most succinct and powerful work… Read More →

Listen to La Jungle’s incredible new album ‘II’

La Jungle

They’re loud, they’re Belgian, and their new album is gonna fuck you up. This is La Jungle. Right, I’m going to come clean. Before Tuesday I’d never heard of La Jungle. Didn’t have a clue. I didn’t even know they were releasing a new record. I was just bumbling around, bumping into walls and trying to pretend my life had some sort of cosmic meaning. But on Tuesday, everything changed. I now know who La Jungle are and I’m very happy about it. La Jungle’s sound is hard to pin point. It’s loud, it’s progressive and it’s very percussive. Combining elements of experimental music, krautrock, post-rock and noise, La Jungle’s songs are mammoth, both in size and length. Think Battles, Daft Punk, That Fucking… Read More →

Luo announce debut album ‘Sleep Spindles’ and release new track


After a string of brilliant EPs, singles, live sessions, remixes, reimaginings and collaborations, Luo are finally set to release their debut album Sleep Spindles.  It’s been nearly exactly a year since Brighton-based electronic instrumental troop Luo released Ebb & Flow; a record that finally introduced Luo as a fully functioning live band. And whilst Josh Trinnaman (the super clever music guy behind Luo) has been producing incredible glitchy music under the Luo moniker for over 4 years, a full-length record has never materialised, until now that is. And we couldn’t be more excited. Taken from their up-coming record Sleep Spindles, the band’s new track ‘Octopus’ highlights all that’s great about Luo. Downbeat, glitchy, complex, ambient and thoughtful; it’s a track that’s hard to pin down. And… Read More →

Listen to T E Morris’ last ever single ‘Decks The Rays’

T E Morris

Longstanding alternative champion T E Morris is finally saying a sombre farewell to his renowned solo project. But not without one last farewell. As one of the scene’s most notable figures, Tom E Morris has been performing in and out of bands for the best part of a decade – writing lush songs, playing beautiful acoustic guitars and singing like an absolute babe. As well as his music through acclaimed post-rock/folk outfit Her Name Is Calla, Tom Morris has put out more albums, EPs and singles in the last 5 years than most artists produce in a life time. But, with his last ever solo record set for release later this year, he’s about to say goodbye to life as a solo artist… Read More →

Listen to &U&I’s brand new EP ‘Merci’


Birmingham legends &U&I return with their long-awaited 4-track EP Merci. How long has it been? 3, maybe 4 years? Man, it’s been a while since &U&I released some new music. Thank god for their new EP, Merci. &U&I have always been a constant force in the UK alternative scene. Whilst the Birmingham 3-piece have often had periods of down-time, Thom, Rich and Wiz have always been on hand to deliver some of the most engaging live shows around. But what we’ve really been craving is some new music. Some aggressive, dischordant and unique post-hardcore &U&I-sounding music. And we’ve finally bloody got some. Merci is the brand new 4-track EP from &U&I. It’s a short, but incredibly rich release that’s effortlessly nostalgic, intimate and crushing… Read More →

Listen to The Yacht Club’s new track ‘The Greatest Misadventure’

Yacht Club

London’s The Yacht Club are bringing back math pop with their new track ‘The Greatest Misadventure’. Twinkly shit is good. We don’t care what you say. Tappy clean guitars will never not sound nice. The Yacht Club’s new song is full of ‘em, and guess what… it sounds great. Having released a number of teaser tracks and an EP back in 2013, The Yacht Club is a name we’ve heard a lot over the past few years. But something tells us a lot more people are going to hear that name in the next 12 months. Ahead of the release of their brand new self-titled EP, the Southern math pop four-piece have just announced a brand new track called ‘The Greatest Misadventure’, with… Read More →

Listen to Waking Aida’s brand new track ‘Blue Shelled’

Waking Aida Promo Shot

Everyone’s favorite new post-rock quartet Waking Aida are back with a brand new album and their first new track in over a year. Get excited. Waking Aida’s debut full-length record Eschaton blew us all away when it was released back in June 2014. It was such a well-formed and great sounding record, and one that we just couldn’t ignore. Mixing elements of brooding post rock and immediate math rock, Eschaton was everything we wanted it to be. It was bright, joyful, captivating, upbeat and extremely memorable. And we’ve been waiting for a follow up ever since. And thankfully the band haven’t disappointed. A mere 14 months after the release of their debut album, Waking Aida are now set to release their second record this September, through… Read More →

Exclusive | Stream Duck. Little Brother, Duck! and Malegoat’s new split

Duck Little Brother Duck Malegoat split

Over 4,500 miles of North Pacific Ocean separates the cities of Portland, Oregon, and Hachioji, Japan. And yet, Duck. Little Brother, Duck! and Malegoat‘s new split is one of the most cohesive releases we’ve heard in ages. It might not be the most obvious pairing, putting together two bands from the other side of of the Ocean, but Duck. Little Brother, Duck! and Malegoat’s new split works really, really well. Too well in fact. Acting as Duck. Little Brother, Duck!’s last ever release, the 3 track split is the result of the hard work of Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, Malegoat and their respective record labels, Topshelf and Stiff Slack. It’s a short, but incredibly memorable release that puts together two of modern punk’s most exciting bands…. Read More →

Exclusive | Listen to Olympians’ brand new 8-track EP

Olympians Dance Like Everybody’s Watching And They Hate You

Olympians are a charming little band from down south. They’ve been making music for about 5 years now… And they’re getting pretty good at it. Here at MM we’ve been listening to Olympians since the release of their brilliant debut, To Our Wives And Sweethearts. They’re a band who – for whatever reason – keep on giving. And with their brand new EP, Olympians are giving even more. A humble, yet incredibly insightful EP; Dance Like Everybody’s Watching And They Hate You is Olympians at their best. It’s a record without labels, stigmas and genres, and all that shit. It’s more than that. The songs are poetic, moving, nostalgic and unique, and the production is brilliant. (You can listen to the… Read More →