Exclusive | Watch Death and the Penguin perform live track ‘Bitumen’

Death and the Penguin - Bitumen

Death and the Penguin’s new live video for ‘Bitumen’ is completely and utterly wonderful. And you should watch it. Again and again. How long’s it been? 13, 14 months? Yeah, something like that. Well, it’s been just over a year since London’s Death and the Penguin released their incredible debut EP Accidents Happen – and still, it’s a fantastic piece of work. Yet, it’s worrying to think that there are people out there that haven’t heard it. Because they’re missing out. Death and the Penguin’s sound is a unique one. Progressive and ground-breaking, yet classic; grounded in its roots. And Accidents Happen shows that perfectly. It’s a brilliantly well-rounded record, with great production and great songs. Songs such as the diverse and ever-haunting ‘Bitumen’ –… Read More →

Exclusive | Watch Steve Strong’s new video ‘Contort/Retreat’

Steve Strong Banner

It’s our pleasure to introduce the latest video offering from Plymouth multi-instrumentalist Steve Strong. ‘Contort/Retreat’ helps further define Steve’s unique sound, building on his previous offerings’ mix of post-rock textures, hypnotic loops and break-beat inspired drums. Recorded live in time to coincide with Steve’s Irish tour which starts today, if you happen to be reading this over the water, dear Reader, you should take no further convincing to make it out to a show. We caught up with Steve before he left the depths of Devon to get the low down on the track, the tour and what the future holds. So firstly, tell us about the video? ‘Contort/Retreat’ is the most recent song I’ve written. It’s a sort of… Read More →

Interview | Axes

Axes Band Interview Musical Mathematics

With the release of their new album Glory, instrumental four-piece Axes are bringing their brand of intricate and progressive rock music to the masses. After the success of their debut self-titled album – released back in 2013 – Axes have shown time after time that they’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to live, instrumental music. Having played shows up and down the country with the likes of Tera Melos, Minus The Bear, LITE, Owls, Delta Sleep and more, the multi-talented quartet have built a growing fan-base around a sound which is both unpredictable and yet effortlessly original. So with the release of their much-anticipated second album, Glory, we recently caught up with the band to discuss new material, instrumental music, touring and collective… Read More →

Exclusive | Interview with My Dad & Live Studio Session

Today we’re featuring an all exclusive live session from Chicago based experimental punk outfit My Dad. A band whose name is the joking point of many reviews and interviews, and if we were to bring that up we’d just become one of many. Have we now become part of the club since writing that? Perhaps… but all dad jokes aside, Chicago is known for being a hub of the ever expanding Midwestern music scene, with bands such as American Football, Native and Owls all hailing from the area and My Dad are no exception to the output of stellar music coming from the region, with a solid and identifiable sound, they are more than likely to catch your attention, but don’t just take… Read More →

Interview | Falcon Punch


Ever since we were introduced to the diverse electronic sounds of Blood & Biscuits’ most recent signings Falcon Punch, we’ve been straight-up addicted to their debut album and up-coming EP Show Me Your Moves… Although having already established a sound that’s both highly complex and evolved, Falcon Punch are, in fact, a relatively new sound to many of us. But, thanks to the endless powers of the internet, new and albeit brilliant music has a way of finding its way to the most unheard of parts of the world. Ahead of the release of their new EP, Show Me Your Moves, we caught up with the Canadian trio to get a better insight into their new record, and who they… Read More →

Interview | Manchester Orchestra


“We realised this was the time for us to make our big, raw, heavy rock record.” Life since the turn of the decade has been nothing if not turbulent for Andy Hull’s Manchester Orchestra. The departure of drummer Jeremiah Edmond before 2011’s Simple Math, which was then followed by that of bassist Jonathan Corley last year, left the Atlanta outfit at a crossroads when ideas and a timeframe for a fourth record started being sculpted, especially as the band found themselves without a record label to release the end product. Simple Math was huge, varied and textured. It was labelled a concept album by many, and definitely had the scale and ambition to justify such a tag. Every possible door… Read More →

MM Recommends | Charlie Barnes UK/EU Tour 2014 – Q&A


I’m not going to lie, there may be some conflict of interest here. Yes, I went to primary school with Charlie Barnes, and secondary school, and… college, a’hem. But! That doesn’t change the fact that he makes some bloody awesome music… Having put on one of the best shows at last year’s ArcTanGent festival, in which he displayed a intimate set crammed full of charm and endless musical prowess, Leeds-based alternative dark-pop songwriter Charlie Barnes is set to tour in the next few months, the UK leg of which will see a full band in tow. We caught up with Charlie before he shot off to Frankfurt to talk about his upcoming tour… Firstly… Can you tell us a bit… Read More →

Interview | Lily & Madeleine


Nearly a month after their self-titled LP brought them into the spotlight, we spoke to the lovely Lily & Madeleine about the challenges of being young musicians and what the future has in store for the Indiana sisters… Hey guys and welcome to Musical Mathematics! How’s it going? Lily: It’s great, it’s a beautiful day. Madeleine: Yeah, it’s nice and sunny in Bloomington! Good to hear. To get things started, you two clearly have a lot of background as sisters. Can you tell me more about what it was like growing up in a musical household? Biggest influences, favourite memories, things like that. M: Our mom was very musical. She’s a singer, she has a very beautiful voice and also… Read More →

Interview | Kevin Devine


In the run up to his double album release, we spoke to Kevin about all things Bubblegum, Bulldozer and BSM… First of all – why two albums? Well, I’ve always felt like there were at least two kinda neat halves to my musical brain, each one containing a bunch of subsets stylistically: the “rock” half and the “folk” half, for lack of less precise terms.  For the last four records or so, I’ve toyed with trying to blend the two, sometimes smoothly, sometimes with more jarring intent.  I thought it’d be fun to try and split them in half and make two albums with a clear intent in each direction.  I also thought it would be a way to differentiate… Read More →

Interview | Owen

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 02.22.13

Many a heart was aching in 2011 when Mike Kinsella, Midwest musical royalty, hinted that his solo project Owen might be coming to the end of its journey. Luckily, those fears have been allayed with his latest offering, L’Ami du Peuple, a record that not only stands testament to Kinsella’s tireless creative output, but pushes into new, fresh territory. We spoke to the man himself about, among other things, the recording process, the French Revolution, and nudity… Hello, Mike. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. With 2011’s Ghost Town, you hinted – both lyrically and in interviews – that it might have been your final album under the Owen moniker. What tempted you back? Ha. To be honest, I was all ready… Read More →