Introducing | Mayors Of Toronto

Mayors Of Toronto

It’s been 5 years since Birmingham legends Blakfish played their last ever gig at the Flapper with The James Cleaver Quintet, Shapes and Conquistadors. And still, Birmingham isn’t the same. The JCQ: dead. Shapes: dead. Conquistadors: inactive. Blakfish: dead and fucking buried. What happened to you Birmingham? You used to cool. Yeah, we know, we’re being pretty unfair. Some of you will no doubt be able to convince us otherwise – what with &U&I and the like. But, honestly, it seems recently like Brum has been missing something. Maybe it’s been missing bands like Mayors Of Toronto? The newest group to come crashing into the world of math-rock and instrumental music, Brum locals Mayors Of Toronto are a band worth looking out for. They play fast,… Read More →

Exclusive | Listen to Orchards and their debut single ‘Chemystery’

Orchards Band Shot

Ahead of the release of their debut EP Constantly Moving next year, Brighton-based math-pop quartet Orchards have just released their brand new single ‘Chemystery’. Over the past 6 months we’ve mentioned Orchards quite a bit. We caught them live in Brighton a few months back, chatted about their music a bit and even tipped them to play next year’s ArcTanGent. But with the release of their new single and up-coming EP , the next 6 months are set to be even better for southern four-piece. Having playing with the likes of Alpha Male Tea Party, Patchwork Natives, More Than Conquerors and White Lung in 2014, Orchards have been making a good name for themselves on the alternative circuit. Their fresh take on technical and catchy… Read More →

Introducing | Jr.

Jr. 9

LA’s Jr. are just starting out, but with songs this good, it’s only a matter of time until everyone’s listening. As it stands at the moment, Jr. – an alt-pop three-piece from the US – are almost unheard of; their Facebook following a sign of a short but sweet existence. But social media, unfortunately, is in no way an appropriate indicator of talent and potential – things that this band have a lot of. Having spent the last few months producing and perfecting their introspective indie sound, the Los Angeles-based trio have been sporadically posting a number of tracks online via the Soundcloud page. Frighteningly well-formed, these tracks give an incredible insight into what’s to come from a band who have already achieved… Read More →

Introducing | Listen to Monobody and their debut live track

Monobody New Track

Featuring members of The Para-Medics, Loose Lips Sink Ships, Renaissance Sound and The Soft Greens, Chicago’s newest progressive outlet Monobody are set to blow everyone away with their debut track and live session. If you’re familiar with any of the bands listed above, then you’re in for an absolute treat and needn’t read on. But if you’re still not sure, then here’s some more info about one of Chicago’s most exciting new projects. Monobody are a newly formed instrumental 5-piece from the US who mix superb musicianship, imaginative composition and groove driven melodies to create a sound that features elements of jazz, pop, math and progressive rock. Taking from where their previous bands left off, Monobody’s new strain of adventurous, and diverse instrumental music is… Read More →

Introducing | Listen to Halfsleep’s New Track ‘Opaque’

Opaque single Halfsleep

Texas’ newest instrumental three-piece, Halfsleep, are back in 2014 with the fresh and wonderful ‘Opaque’. Having already released two singles and a full length album as part of a bedroom-esque music project, Nathan Gass’ math rock inspired band Halfsleep are set to release their first record as a full band in the new year. Coming from the same school of thought as pioneering bands such as Rooftops, TTNG and Tokyo’s Mouse On The Keys, Halfsleep’s sound has really come into its own with the introduction of now full-time members Brian Radcliffe & Chelby Hanks. From its roots in progressive math-pop, complete with clean-cut technical guitar riffs and rolling drum fills, the trio’s brand new single ‘Opaque’ introduces moments of suspense and diversity… Read More →

Introducing | Death and the Penguin

DeathandthePenguinImage 1

Beer in hand, sun shining, and music blaring; it was in the middle of a Bristol-based alternative-music festival, ten minutes from cheddar gorge, when I first met London’s Death and the Penguin. You expect to see bands at music festivals, that’s a given. You expect to meet fans at music festivals, also a given. You even expect to meet fucking idiots at music festivals. But to meet bands, in the audience; humble human beings, who aren’t playing at the event, well that’s something else entirely. Wind the clock back eight months, to August 2013. It’s 20 odd degrees, I’m in a field, there’s a break between bands and it’s time for a drink. Standing at the merch tent at Bristol’s now-extremely… Read More →

Introducing | Patchwork Natives


Joining the ranks in Brighton’s battle for musical supremacy, southern trio Patchwork Natives will no doubt continue their steady growth with every tap, punch and stab in 2014. Set up a Facebook page, invite your friends, play a show, release a song. We see it day after day, month after month, year in, year out, rinse and repeat. The same old story played out over and over again. We can’t say we really mind. The internet exists for a reason, social media exists for a reason – if you’ve made something, fucking share it. But as these endless outlets of budding songwriters come into existence, bands with 400 likes or less are becoming more and more difficult to understand, and… Read More →

Introducing | Uncle Luc

Uncle Luc wall low (4)

New output of ex-Stagecoach lead-singer Luke Barham, Uncle Luc showcases a new brand of home-grown pop music… After the bitter-sweet departure of Alcopop Record’s animated pop-rock heros Stagecoach last year, it’s incredibly nice to see new music coming to light, brought to life from ashes of the recently deceased. Nurtured over the Christmas period in a garage in Hollywood, Stagecoach’s Luke Barham has taken a humble yet poetic musical turn in his new project. Named Uncle Luc, his new music is full of joyful story-telling moments that mix nostalgic pop and well-grounded folk. His new track ‘I Write’ is a quick glimpse into the world of Uncle Luc – one that we are very much looking forward to exploring more… Read More →

Introducing | Cursor Major


Fronted by The Crimea ex-guitarist Andy Norton, Cursor Major are a 4-piece retro-wave pop group that come with a psychedelic sound you’ve never experienced before.   With a sound that puts your brain underwater, Cursor Major have started strong. Their synth-filled and vocally driven approach, mixed with assertive percussion work and retro effects, ends up creating a new sort of new wave sound you’ve never heard before. So, you better grab a snorkel and take some swimming lessons because their 4-track debut EP Interloper is due for a release March 24th, and I am now going to tell you exactly why you should be excited to about it. Firstly it was partly produced by Kieron Pepper (Dead Kids / Prodigy) with final mixes from Tim Allen… Read More →

Introducing | Ishmael


Named after one of American literature’s oldest characters, Ishmael seamlessly blend the past with the present and at times the future… Guitar solos aren’t what they used to be. Pardon me if I sound a bit too much like your father disparaging modern rock music, but when it comes to soloing there’s nothing more epic than some old fashioned progressive rock wankery. Fortunately, New York City trio (yes, this much sound is coming from three fucking people) Ishmael have managed to revive the guitar solo in all of its reverb drenched glory. Their new album, Lotic, is brimming with mathy riffs, lush vocals, crisp production, and a tinge of classic rock. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that your favourite… Read More →