Exclusive | Stream Cousin’s new album ‘Music To Polish Your Rifle To’

Cousin Music To Polish Your Rifle To

Cousin‘s new album Music To Polish Your Rifle To is visceral, emotional and raw. It’s a great, impending instrumental release that ticks all the boxes. Cousin’s newest record, Music To Polish Your Rifle To, is extremely refreshing. It’s subtle, tangible and brings a much needed warmth to the world of modern day instrumental music. In this, their new 6-track release, the Brighton-based three-piece have gone to great lengths to produce music which is fluid and natural; that evolves beautifully throughout. And they’ve done just that. So with the new record coming out via Barely Regal Records and Fcking the Night on Monday the 23rd of March, we’re really happy to be able to give everyone the chance to listen to Cousin’s incredible new release Music To… Read More →

Exclusive | Listen to Orchards’ brand new EP ‘Constantly Moving’

Orchards Constantly Moving banner

Fast-paced, catchy, complex and clever; Orchards‘ new EP Constantly Moving is math pop at its best. Orchards are really fucking annoying. There – we said it. They’re annoying because they’re the whole god damn package. They’re young, they’re good looking, they’ve got a catchy name, they’re talented musicians, they live in Brighton and guess what, they play great music. Bloody bastards. But, having said that, you’d be completely wrong to think that they hadn’t worked hard to be where they are right now. And their new EP is a testament to that. Orchards have spent a long time grafting down south, working their way up the ranks, playing shows up and down the country and getting their name out there. And now, that… Read More →

Exclusive | Stream Death and the Penguin’s debut EP


Listen to Death and the Penguin’s debut EP Accidents Happen right now, in its entirety, only on MM. After the release of their first single ‘Strange Times’ last year, it’s been only a matter of waiting until we could get our hands on the rest of their first release. Due for release on London-based record label Best Before Records on the 9th of June, the six-track EP titled Accidents Happen is a monumental first record from a band who clearly know what they are doing. It’s intelligent, composed, layered, and extremely accessible; full of memorable genre twists that distract from the ordinary and challenge the tedious. And you can listen to it in all its glory, right now, right here, only on… Read More →

Track By Track | LITE – ‘Installation’

LITE - Installation - Cover - 3500x3500px

Japan’s technical champions LITE come the UK in February for a host of shows with MM favourites The Physics House Band to celebrate the release of their new album Installation via Blood & Biscuits… And with the much anticipated UK release of the record (see our JP review here) the band were kind enough to give us a quick insight into Installation, talking us through ten tracks of mesmerising math rock. Here’s what guitarist Nobuyuki had to say… Starry Morning This one song was divided into “Morning” and “Night” in different keys. Echolocation One day, we were asked to do a song for a TV advert. It didn’t happen, but It gave us the chance to write a song by using a visual image first. We’d… Read More →

Exclusive | Stream Cleft’s debut album ‘BOSH!’


We loved their Utter EP, played Whale Bone until our ears bled, and enjoyed their live set so much it hurt… Now, after a heartfelt and thoroughly successful Kickstarter project, everyone’s favourite turbo-math duo Cleft are back with their debut break-through album BOSH! And, to celebrate the release – because the Cleft guys are such good sports – we’re proud to be able to stream BOSH! over a week before its release. And if that wasn’t good enough, the band have even provided an extremely in-depth look into how the album was made. Enjoy… The recording process BOSH! was recorded over 2 days in 2 different studios. We recorded 7 out of the 10 tracks at Spirit Studio, Manchester (where Dan works)… Read More →

Exclusive | Stream Oshwa’s debut album ‘Chamomile Crush’


As another aspiring group of musicians from Chicago crash through the barriers of mediocrity; Oshwa’s mixture of powerful lungs and complex melodies make for one of 2013’s most interesting debut releases. But you’ll forgive us for expecting nothing but brilliance, with their track record of memorable session videos and well-crafted EPs, showcasing Alicia Walter’s breath-taking vocals against a colourful background of intricacies and free-thinking ideas. Set for release on the 8th of August, we were lucky enough to be able to give you a first listen of the quartet’s unique and beautiful debut album, titled Chamomile Crush.  As well as being able to listen to the whole of Oshwa’s debut record before its release, the band have written an accompanying Track… Read More →

Exclusive | Stream The Speed Of Sound In Seawater’s debut album


Quickly becoming a memorable name within the US experimental music scene, California’s The Speed Of Sound In Seawater are undoubtedly set to gain fans with the release of their debut record. Following on from a run of EPs, which gladly showed the band’s ability to create immersive and complex ‘pop music’, First Contact – set for release on August 9th – is easily their most impressive release to date. Continuing with honest poetry, beautifully thought-out song progressions and an innate ability to focus on the true purpose of their music, TSOSISW’s newest incarnation carries nicely on from the already well-grown nature of the previously released Red Version and Underwater Tell Each Other Secrets. Being their most complete collection of work to date; First Contact… Read More →

Track By Track | Crash Of Rhinos – ‘Knots’


We’re only on album number two from Derby’s Crash Of Rhinos but, thanks to the members’ prolific pasts in roughly 30% of all good math rock & emo bands that have ever existed, they are essentially already old hands at making killer records. Knots was always gonna knock it out of the park, but thanks to two years spent playing stunning live shows, giving Distal away for free, getting snapped up by labels with outstanding reputations, and becoming the favourite band of anyone with any sense, there was a hell of a lot more pressure on this one. Although we’re gonna review/we’ve already reviewed the shit out of it, it only seemed fair to let them explain Knots in their own… Read More →

Exclusive | Stream Axes new self-titled mini-album


Axes are not only instrumental, melodic, and predominately alternative in nature, but their surprising ability to create natural, free-flowing and sometimes complex music makes for some beautiful listening… After announcing signing to Big Scary Monsters last year, vocal-less four-piece Axes are finally ready to unearth their newest release. Only 6-tracks in length, Axes’s ‘mini-album’ is a triumph in alternative-rock, which proves that instrumental music isn’t just for glitching loud noises and brooding 10-minute post-rock epics, instead, a platform for thrilling twists and turns through excitable monumentalism. With the album set for release on April 15th via BSM, we at MM are extremely happy to be able to give you, our readers, the first listen of the Axes’s new record. Alongside the exclusive stream of the up-coming album, you can… Read More →

Exclusive | Stream Without Maps’ debut record ‘Capillaries’


Following the release of the tremendous single ‘Naked Light’, Nottingham’s Without Maps have announced the release of their debut album, Capillaries. And we’re streaming the whole thing, right here, at MM… Set for release on the 25th of March, as a split release between the brillant Barely Regal Records and the bands own label, 49s v Dolphins Records, the ten-track Capillaries is an exciting journey through frantic showmanship and genre swapping, pushing through post-hardcore, indie, punk, and alternative-rock. Speaking to the four-piece, Nick & Jack from the band talk us through Capillaries, ,its songs and the reasoning behind them, in this Track By Track… Without Maps – Capillaries Blood Songs Jack: We wanted a short, sharp burst to introduce the album. It’s probably… Read More →