Free music is reet good mate.

After a couple of forgetful weeks, it’s great to get back on board the penniless horse; getting amazing music for absolutely nothing. This week it’s infectious lyrics, alternative anthems and catchy as shit melodies.

Long gone are the days of MySpace when discovering music was an innocent and beautifully simple process filled with joy and wonder, but luckily, through the endless trawling of ‘top-friend’ lists back in the day, there are a few absolute gems that still exist as permanent features within my music library – The Bear Cub EP being one such gem. Clever, unassuming and every now and then dangerously powerful, Exeter’s now defunct alternative punk quartet Wilson Fisk proved more than their worth in this little EP, and it’s still as relevant than ever. (If you’re in a rush, skip to track 2)

For Serious This Time – ‘When You’re Into It’

Talking of (slightly) retro sounds, New York state’s For Serious This Time were one of the first bands we ever spoke about on MM – back when we were a crappy blog with no written skills or original ideas. Not much has changed then hey? Zingggg! But seriously, even though three odd years have past, it’s amazing to see that For Serious’s carefree sing-a-long punk attitude is still a dream to listen to. The band’s 2009 release When You’re In It is a magical piece of work which, through themes of youth and angst, presents some of the most raw and natural post-punk sounds that you’re likely to hear even today.

Tubelord – ‘Feed Me A Box Of Words’

If you haven’t heard of Tubelord by now, then 1 – i’m very jealous of you and your musical journey ahead and 2 – where the hell have you been living, under a fucking rock? Well, whilst the quirky wordsmiths are now long gone, their bountiful catalogue of music lives on. And although the natural process for both new fans and old would be to dive into their two beautiful full length records, I strongly encourage delving further back into the band’s history, to the brilliance of Tubelord’s earlier material. Five Eps/Singles are available from the band’s Bandcamp page for absolutely nothing, including the joys of Feed Me A Box Of Words; one of Tubelord’s finest and most dynamic releases to date. If you disagree. Go fuck yourself.

Come back next week for more free music. You poor old sods.