It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I began to explore musical worlds that I had no previous knowledge of even existing.

Since most of my listening pleasures were among the popular variety in my youth, I figured that The Rolling Stones or The Cure wouldn’t miss the few dollars I’d throw down on their album too badly (of course this was before I learned the true parasitic nature of the relationship between corporations and artists). However, we are in an age where the greatest music—the kind that gives that warm “A-HA” feeling—requires excavation to be found. While we’ve all grown to be above stealing from the working class musician, below we have a few great artists offering their work for the price of nothing, so act on these opportunities to hear and download music from those who love us enough to hand it out free of charge!

Sodalane – ‘Poetic Cow Pie’

Poetic Cow Pie by Sodalane is a dynamic piece of work full of frenetic tapping, explosive drumming, and raw-to-the-bone musical passages. Heavy on the Math-rock proportions, the material is not dissimilar to that of early Tera Melos with its quick disjunctive changes, distinctly overdriven tone, and cartoony sound effects to add flares of colour. While the compositional structure of the pieces are similar to that of a three-piece group, what makes the powerful pieces more impressive is that each instrument’s part was written and recorded by one man alone, and his name is as elusive as he is talented.

David Canne – Various

Next up, from the gloomy, dystopian, and largely robotic streets of our future, we have David Canne. In his latest of instrumental endeavours, such as ‘Karl Marx and Ecstasy (On the Bus to School)’, I am forced by the music to build scenarios in which the mechanical music would appropriately fit; futuristic scenes mostly. Armed with a pocket synth, a delay pedal, and a few stories to tell, David won my heart and rekindled an old passion for 1970’s and 1980’s Thriller and Science-Fiction soundtracks recorded using the sweeping timbres produced from the eras’ modular synthesizers. I highly suggest a listen if you are ready to soar high above the extraterrestrial landscapes of our widely unknown universe.

Shy Guys vs, Nurses – ‘So God Complex’

Lastly, to close this week’s Free Music Friday, we have So God Complex by Shy Guys vs. Nurses. Though released in September of 2000, after digging a bit, I felt I needed to choose this album as it was the first to perplex me to such a degree. I expected the opening warped sounds flowing through my headphones to be sampled backdrops of an exceedingly dark and all-consuming rap, but as the piece developed I found myself completely wrong and grew more and more intrigued. The album as a whole is quite unsettling and makes me envision tales of dark, sinister rituals taking place in the heart of a southern marshland. The quality of the recording, only adds an ever more foreboding feeling to the music as the organ timbres fly in the stratosphere and the muffled guitar tones pull you deeper into the mud. Given the nature of the music, avoid if you are prone to paranoia. Regardless of the fact that I present this as an utterly eerie and unnerving collection of songs, I feel the level of musicianship is apparent and to be appreciated.