Bad news, Cleft are calling it a day. Good news, they’ve just released an incredible new album and live video. Swings and roundabouts.

Cleft have always been good. I can’t remember a time when they didn’t sound amazing. When MM first picked them up, just after the release of their incredible Whale Bone EP, they were already well on their was to becoming the band they are today. Loud, technical, talented, professional, personable; it’s no wonder Dan and John have enjoyed such success as a two-piece over the last few years. And somehow, they’ve got better. Their sound has been honed, their songs refined and ideas expanded upon. And their efforts have paid off big time

They’ve shared stages with the big boys, done riff-offs at renowned festivals, toured around Europe with their peers and have established a fierce, almost cult following along the way. And whilst Cleft haven’t particularly ‘slummed’ it over the years – both talented sound engineers, producers and real-life grown up human beings in their own right – Dan and John have clearly put their all into the band. They’ve done the shit gigs, and sleeping on sofas bit, and they’ve had some really shit times in the process, but they’ve pushed through it and endured and thrived.

And that’s where we are today – celebrating a great band who actually ‘made it’. Who got their album pressed on vinyl, toured around the country, supported huge bands, played massive festivals and actually meant something to people. And as Dan and John call it a day, they’re ending a brilliant career on a huge fucking high, with a new album in hand, playing some final shows and doing what they do best… Smashing the shit out of drums and pulling off the dirtiest riffs known to man. And for that, we applaud them and wish them the very best of luck.

So give Dan and John all the support you can, buy their new album, catch them one last time on tour (ATG right?) and check out this brilliant live video filmed at the Deaf Institute in Manchester.

RIP Cleft.