Following the first announcement of the new 2000Trees sister festival ArcTanGent, we spoke to the organisers about all things ArcTanGent, and what we could hope to expect from the festival in its debut year…

2000trees Festival has been a massive success over its 6 year history, so what was the inspiration for starting this new festival?

There are a few things that spring to mind here. Firstly, people always say that 2000trees is the perfect size, so it’s partly about not wanting to expand that and ruin what we’ve worked so hard to create. Secondly, I (James) have recently moved to Bristol and have seen that people are definitely in need of a camping festival that is near to the city and has great bands.

But most importantly, we wanted to take a small part of the 2000trees line up and expand on it. So i guess we’ve gone a bit more niche – there will be none of the more mainstream indie and folk bands that you get at 2000trees, rather the bands for ArcTanGent are more weird, leftfield and (I hate this word) edgy. These are the bands we love so that’s the main reason for arctangent – creating our ideal festival!


The first line-up announcement is extremely impressive. Is it largely representative of what we can expect from the rest of the bill?

Thanks! I think the initial announcement of bands like 65daysofstatic, Tall Ships and Rolo Tomassi gives people a good indication of where we are coming from but it isn’t necessarily the whole story. There will be loads more post-rock/math-rock type stuff but we’ll also be throwing some curve balls in there to keep people entertained! Seriously, i’m so excited about the next line up annoucnement! In total we’ll have 4 stages, 80 bands and a late night silent disco so it’s going to be amazing.

What differentiates arctangent from Trees, and what can people gain from attending both festivals this summer?

The simple answer is the music. Like i’ve already said, 2000trees caters a bit for everyone – some indie, some folk, some rock, etc etc but ArcTanGent is i guess a little more pretentious in its tastes. Let’s call it the beard-stroker’s music festival. It’s for people that are seriously serious about their music! To be honest i think it’s the perfect accompanyment to 2000trees so my advice is come to both – you can get a joint ticket for only £115 and i think that’s amazing value.

Ultimately it’s not like we want ArcTanGent to be completely different to 2000trees though – we’ll be aiming for the same intimate atmosphere, great food & drink and lovely location that people have come to expect from Trees. Oh yeah, the other big difference is that i promise it won’t rain at arctangent – haha!

One of my personal favourite things about 2000trees is the food and drink on offer. Will Pieminister and pints of Badger’s Bottom be appearing at ATG?

Si who books all the food and runs our bars at 2000trees is in charge of all food and drink at ArcTanGent, so the quality definitely will remain. Maybe not Badger’s Bottom, as that’s very local to 2000trees, but being deep in cider country there will definitely be some local ciders for sampling. We’re also pleased to say that Pieminister are also local to Bristol and are well up for bringing their awesome pies. All the rest of the food will be along the same top notch quality as you get at 2000trees… And not a horse burger in sight!

How have things, in terms of ideas and planning, progressed for you since the first 2000trees in 2007, and how has that influenced the way you’re putting together ArcTanGent?

Well to say that we’ve learnt a lot over the last 7 years would be an understatement. The thing about 2000trees is that we’ve made the odd mistake here and there over the years but we pride oursleves on never making the same mistake twice. That’s the plan for ArcTanGent too! Just like with 2000trees we’ll listen to our fans on Facebook/Twitter and we’ll build a festival that they want to go to, but the beauty of having organised 2000trees for 6 years is that we can use our experience and ensure that arctangent is an amazing festival to come to from year 1.IMG_3237

When can we expect the next load of bands to be announced for the festival?

The announcement is coming in mid Feb – literally today i confirmed our saturday headliner and have spent the last few hours listening to them on full blast. I think people will be very happy when they see what we’ve got in store.

When you’re not organising 2000trees and ATG, what’s your favourite UK festival to attend?

I’d go for Damnation Festival – it’s an indoor metal festival in Leeds. We had such an amazing time there this year and they have loads of bands that cross over with the ArcTanGent and Trees line ups (Devil Sold His Soul, Maybeshewill, And So I Watch You From Afar, Hawk Eyes etc).

If you could get one band in the world (past or present, dead or alive) to headline ArcTanGent, who would it be?

It has to be my favourite band ever – The Mars Volta. They’ve just gone on hiatus so we may have to wait a while – I keep telling people they’ll be headlining ArcTanGent 2016!

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Questions by Will Richards