If you’re into soaring instrumental music and soundtrack-like songwriting, then you’re in for a treat.

Huge riffs, strong builds and unpredictable turns are what Scottish four-piece Dialects are all about – especially with their brand new track ‘Restless Earth’, a 5 minute experimental epic which crosses countless genre boundaries. They play anthemic instrumental post-rock, and they play it really, really w
Debut EP, LTKLTL, out 11th May 2015
ASIWYFA, Maybeshewill, Talons

It’s monumental, cosmic-themed music for the masses, for fans of deafening instrumental music, big pedal boards, long beards, air drumming, and bands like And So I Watch You From Afar and Maybeshewill. So, odds on, you’re probably going to love them.

And what’s not the love? Taken from their up-coming debut EP titled LTKLTL, Dialects’ new track ‘Restless Earth’ is big and bright and dynamic. It’s diverse and punchy in all the right places and really builds hopes for their release in May.

You can listen to Dialects’ brand new track ‘Restless Earth’ right now above.

Giving some background information about the cosmic themes of the track, the band said:

“‘Restless Earth’ tells the start of the story behind the EP. A couple who travel from Utopia in another universe only to arrive in our world, young again and with the chance to have another life together. But really it’s just portals and sh*t.”

The band’s debut EP LTKLTL – engineered, mixed and mastered by Glasgow producer Nick Lawrie (Vukovi, Prides) – is set for release on the 11th May 2015.