Featuring members of The Para-Medics, Loose Lips Sink Ships, Renaissance Sound and The Soft Greens, Chicago’s newest progressive outlet Monobody are set to blow everyone away with their debut track and live session

If you’re familiar with any of the bands listed above, then you’re in for an absolute treat and needn’t read on. But if you’re still not sure, then here’s some more info about one of Chicago’s most exciting new projects.
FFO: Loose Lips Sink Ships, Renaissance Sound, Suffer Like G Did, The Para-Medics

Monobody are a newly formed instrumental 5-piece from the US who mix superb musicianship, imaginative composition and groove driven melodies to create a sound that features elements of jazz, pop, math and progressive rock. Taking from where their previous bands left off, Monobody’s new strain of adventurous, and diverse instrumental music is a must listen for anyone who’s ever visited this site. And with a release in the works, you can expect to hear a lot more about this band in the future.

So, without further ado, please enjoy this first glimpse of Monobody performing the brand new ‘Curry Courier Career’, courtesy of the ever-brilliant Naked Ally Records (Oshwa, Loose Lips Sink Ships, Renaissance Sound). Watch above.

Steve, one of the bassists from the band, was kind enough to give us some more info about the band and the new track:

“Many of us have played together previously — Conor (guitar/electronic stuff) and I (bass) played in Loose Lips Sink Ships, Nnamdi (drums) has a solo project with Al ( bass) and Collin (keyboards), and I played with Nnamdi in The Paramedics. So I suppose this is just the latest permutation, based on who is in Chicago and interested in making instrumental music. Having two basses and electronics involved has given us more textures to work with, which has allowed us to develop songs a bit differently than we have in the past, but with many of the same principles driving the group that have influenced our previous efforts.

“This song in particular was written by Conor, and he actually composed about 80 per cent of the instrumentation before any of us ever heard it. The rest of it we wrote and filled in as a group. For some of our other songs, a structure is written on one instrument and everyone writes their own parts, which keeps things exciting for us in terms of exploring different songwriting processes. The song is pretty long (8 mins!) but when we play it, it flies by. Hopefully it is engaging enough for someone to commit 8 precious minutes of their life to listening!”

If you’re in the Chicago area on the 22nd of October, then make sure you go down to the band’s first show at 9pm at Quencher’s. It’s only $5. Find more info HERE.

You can expect a release in the new year.