It’s been 5 years since Birmingham legends Blakfish played their last ever gig at the Flapper with The James Cleaver Quintet, Shapes and Conquistadors. And still, Birmingham isn’t the same.

The JCQ: dead. Shapes: dead. Conquistadors: inactive. Blakfish: dead and fucking buried. What happened to you Birmingham? You used to cool. Yeah, we know, we’re being pretty unfair. Some of you will no doubt be able to convince us otherwise – what with &U&I and the like. But, honestly, it seems recently like Brum has been missing something. Maybe it’s been missing bands like Mayors Of Toronto?

The newest group to come crashing into the world of math-rock and instrumental music, Brum locals Mayors Of Toronto are a band worth looking out for. They play fast, melodic and enthusiastic instrumental jams and seamlessly mix moments of tappy math-rock with gritty indie.

In their first ever track/single, ‘What A Story, Mark!’, the three-piece mange to introduce themselves perfectly. Their over excitable, poppy math-rock sound is fresh, tight and a sign of great things to come. So, if you like what you hear, then why not catch the band on tour this April with fellow Midlanders Enquiry:

01/04/15 – The Sun At The Station, Kings Heath w/ Falls, Fauxchisels + New Alaska
03/04/15 – LePub, Newport w/ Enquiry + Amy Grindhouse
04/04/15 – Platform 5, Ashford w/ Enquiry
06/04/15 – Surya, London w/ Enquiry + Cody Noon
09/04/15 – The Haygate, Telford w/ Enquiry + Wax Futures
10/04/15 – The Flapper w/ Samoans, Enquiry + Pocket Apocalypse