London’s Death and the Penguin are back with their incredible new EP, Eine Kleine Granatenmusik. Listen to it right now…

It’s been a while since we spoke about Death and the Penguin. According to our site, it’s been just over a year since we premiered their last release ‘Space 1998′. And quite frankly, we’re ecstatic to have them back.

Death and the Penguin have been producing intelligent and expansive rock music for the past 3-year. And since Accidents Happen – the band’s debut EP – the internet, and the wider music scene, has been coming to terms with their post-hardcore-influenced sound. A sound, which has developed and somehow become even more honed and on-point than before. Cue new EP.

Eine Kleine Granatenmusik is the band’s most succinct and powerful work to date. It’s grand, progressive, fun, diverse and memorable. It’s four songs. But trust us, they’re very good songs. Listen to the EP in full below…

Death and the Penguin play Veg Bar in Brixton on the 19th of November alongside Theo, Real Terms and Vaga-Lume. RSVP on Facebook today.

The band’s new EP Eine Kleine Granatenmusik is set for release online on the 19th of November. 

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Words by Andy Crowder