Longstanding alternative champion T E Morris is finally saying a sombre farewell to his renowned solo project. But not without one last farewell.

As one of the scene’s most notable figures, Tom E Morris has been performing in and out of bands for the best part of a decade – writing lush songs, playing beautiful acoustic guitars and singing like an absolute babe.

As well as his music through acclaimed post-rock/folk outfit Her Name Is Calla, Tom Morris has put out more albums, EPs and singles in the last 5 years than most artists produce in a life time. But, with his last ever solo record set for release later this year, he’s about to say goodbye to life as a solo artist for good.

And what a hell of a way to say goodbye. Taken from his final album Newfoundland, Tom’s last single ‘Decks The Rays’ is some his most profound and poignant work to date. It’s a 7-minute long odyssey, which sees Tom mix haunting piano and subtle vocals to devastating effect. A more than fitting end to what will no doubt be an emotional and memorable final release. You can listen to ‘Decks The Rays’ right now above.

But don’t take our word for it, find out more about Tom’s new single in his own poetic words:

“This song comes from natural process and mindset; of drifting away quietly. It’s pretty literal to be honest. Drifting, for however long, and light only permeating what has happened; time and places that one can no longer occupy, but lighting none of the dark vastness ahead. I sometimes have dreams like this. Sometimes I imagine myself and others stood on a line. On the front side of the line is just blackness. The reverse side, the one behind, is a stretch of film and images all interlinked and crossing over with one another for as far as you can see. I guess in that sense, to me, it has a sense of deep peace. The title is taken from a beautiful poem by Emily Dickinson, called By A Departing Light. “

‘Decks The Rays’ will be released as a single with the b-side ‘Lasting Words’ on the 22nd of February on Bandcamp which you can pre-order now. Tom’s final album is scheduled for release later this year.