London’s The Yacht Club are bringing back math pop with their new track ‘The Greatest Misadventure’.

Twinkly shit is good. We don’t care what you say. Tappy clean guitars will never not sound nice. The Yacht Club’s new song is full of ‘em, and guess what… it sounds great.
Self-titled EP out late September
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Having released a number of teaser tracks and an EP back in 2013, The Yacht Club is a name we’ve heard a lot over the past few years. But something tells us a lot more people are going to hear that name in the next 12 months.

Ahead of the release of their brand new self-titled EP, the Southern math pop four-piece have just announced a brand new track called ‘The Greatest Misadventure’, with a video to go along with it. And we’ve got it right here:

Full of meaningful sing-a-longs, back and forth guitar lines and harmony-filled choruses, the band’s new track is a great sign of things to come, and should resonate with fans of math rock fans and indie junkies everywhere.

The Yacht Club’s new self-titled record will be released on independent label Heartbreak Therapy at the end of September, and will be available on 12” vinyl and as a digital download. Which is good!