On their debut EP, N . F . L . S, Patchwork Natives present one of the most diverse instrumental records we’ve heard in a long while.

Since forming in early 2013, Brighton three-piece Patchwork Natives have dedicated themselves to the art of music and songwriting. Living and breathing the project – Liam, James and Tommy have spent the better part of 3 years building and perfecting their eclectic instrumental sound. And with N . F . L . S, their hard work has finally paid off.

N . F . L . S (Newtons Flaming Laser Sword) is the name of Patchwork Natives’ debut EP. It’s a short but brilliantly diverse release that showcases just how incredible and exciting instrumental music can be.

At its heart, N . F . L . S is a math rock record. Leading with technicality and complexity – the EP introduces changing time signatures, start stop melodies and non-linear song structures. But in reality, it’s so much more.

From the calming guitar-led introduction found on ‘NMA’, Patchwork Natives slowly but surely start to gain pace. Diverting from the traditional time and time again, on N . F . L . S, the trio push through musical themes and elements other bands would rarely think explore. From groove-led and jazz-inspired interludes to post-hardcore pushes and trip hop breakdowns, Patchwork continue to surprise and excite.

In short: the EP flows perfectly. Whenever the guitar/bass/drum dynamic starts to become predictable, Patchwork Natives switch things up. Additions such as the brass found on ‘Bear’ and the blissful keyboards and synth pads heard on ‘II’ take the trio into another dimension.
Standout tracks: ‘NMA’ & ‘II’

Whilst on first impressions you could be forgiven for branding this EP as just another instrumental release – you’d really be doing it an injustice. As such a open and eclectic record, N . F . L . S deserves more of your attention and time. So move pass the labels and genre tags, and just listen to this EP over and over again… because it’s great.