Patchwork Natives – ‘N . F . L . S’

Patchwork Natives - N . F . L . S

On their debut EP, N . F . L . S, Patchwork Natives present one of the most diverse instrumental records we’ve heard in a long while. Since forming in early 2013, Brighton three-piece Patchwork Natives have dedicated themselves to the art of music and songwriting. Living and breathing the project – Liam, James and Tommy have spent the better part of 3 years building and perfecting their eclectic instrumental sound. And with N . F . L . S, their hard work has finally paid off. N . F . L . S (Newtons Flaming Laser Sword) is the name of Patchwork Natives’ debut EP. It’s a short but brilliantly diverse release that showcases just how incredible and exciting instrumental music can be. At its heart, N . F… Read More →

EP Review | Have A Good Season – ‘Last Picture Day’


Have A Good Season’s debut EP Last Picture Day is one of the most mature pieces of songwriting you’ll hear. Have A Good Season hail from Eatentown, New Jersey and their first release has the most incredible way of pulling you in and feeling it’s modesty. From the first track on the EP ‘When The Brain Tells You To Breath’ you get an immediate familiarity through the unique sounds coming from guitarist/vocalist Nick Palermo. You can hear hints of American Football influence but with a more brash style instrumentation. Throughout the EP the band have a habit of making vocals apparent only when necessary, and that’s something that I love about this band. Rather than wailing on about how sad they are Palermo… Read More →

EP Review | Shrine – ‘Closer To The Sun (Part 1)’


Shrine, Brighton’s newest aggressive post-math quartet, are to release the first part to their forthcoming EP, Closer To The Sun, on the 7th April and oh boy are you in for a treat… The first track, ‘Saviour’ entices the listener with a heavy introduction that digs its claws in, slowly releasing grip with the use of bright falsetto that glazes over mathy twinkles and rough textures. Who brought Oceansize back from the dead? Shrine did. ‘Saviour’ is a fantastic opening to this EP, giving a flavour for what Shrine can do as a whole… introducing guttural vocals that spiral into perfectly pitched notes, showing elegance and grace within the heat of the moment. It’s a mixture of emotions and dynamics,… Read More →

EP Review | Luo – ‘Lapis Lazuli’


Instrumentalists Luo are back again with their newest release Lapis Lazuli, showing now, more than ever, that their appreciation and implementation of electronic-infused composition is nothing less than impeccable… Brain-child of Brighton-based sound designer and composer Josh Trinnaman, collaborative musical output Luo have now been producing music for over two years, since the latter days of 2012. Now, two years on, and three EPs later – their live sound already well-established – Luo now return with an EP that’s not only more electronically centred than previous releases, but arguably more focused aswell.  Set to the sound of filtered sub-bass, the ever-building introduction of ‘Nocturnal’ suddenly snaps, cutting to groove-laden pulses of atmospheric reverb and dynamic percussion. Barely three-minutes in, and Lapis Lazuli’s… Read More →

EP Review | Joie De Vivre​/​Prawn – Split 7″


Pack away your defibrillators, these dudes are trained experts in revival… Both of these bands were busy giving the kiss of life to emo long before we even knew it had left. Unfortunately, despite their valiant work both have stayed criminally under the radar for way too long. Joie de vivre were nearly flatlining themselves. I thought they had given up the ghost, broken up as far as I knew, until they came storming back with their best album to date in We’re All Better Than This. They hit their peak at the right time and are now batting with the big boys. Their 3-song contribution on this EP almost feels like a victory march. It follows the pattern of… Read More →

EP Review | Katie Malco – ‘Tearing Ventricles’

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 18.46.57

So Katie Malco apparently just got bored of the guitar and decided to start writing songs on the piano for her new EP, just because she could, and because no one was gonna stop her. That’s kinda cool. I mean, who the fuck does that? Other than Daniel Johnston, I guess, who went the other way. But Malco is not much like Daniel Johnston. You couldn’t really call her an “outsider artist” in any traditionally held sense of the phrase. She’s probably your favourite songwriter’s favourite songwriter, and when she plays with a backing band, it usually consists of members of Reuben or Tubelord or Hold Your Horse Is or some other pretty rad band. She’s not really on the… Read More →

EP Review | Stallone – ‘Mire’


Tangled Talk are always ones to rely on for consistently decent releases, and this time is no different with Stallone’s debut record, Mire. Also released on Enjoyment Records, here you can expect music from the more mentally demanding end of Metalcore, complete with a crushing technical ability that brings some bulldozing-level riffs. Mire begins with the opening moments of ‘As A Serpent’ which delivers a chopped up riff alongside those harmonic scrapes which have become such a staple sound in certain realms of metal over the past few years. They quickly progress to the Every-Time-I-Die-style riffs that make up most of what you hear in the next 25 minutes. That’s not to say it’s repetitious though – these riffs include… Read More →

EP Review | Monsters of the Antipodes – ‘Houses’


Maintaining a concise agenda while also having a knack for brevity, Monsters of the Antipodes seem to transcend and personify their instrumental approach into a declaration of sorts in their latest release, Houses. While the staple sounds of the math-rock genre swarm around in each song, there’s a sense of humanism in the way each part is played and pushed forward. Maybe not in a way that sounds like an actual voice, but in a certain confidence that comes off in the music. Each riff, idea or whatever you want to call it is linked with an allusion of complacency. Whether this is the reality or not, there’s no way to know, but it certain isn’t a malign vibe to give… Read More →

EP Review | No Ditching – ‘Face Ache’

No Ditching

To steal a phrase from their local vernacular that Southerners can’t really get away with saying, No Ditching are class. Face Ache is a great first effort from the five-piece, and arguably one of the more promising demos of the year. It was probably to be expected all along, actually. Durham, of all places, seems to have one of the strongest scenes in the UK at the moment, and No Ditching features members of two of the city’s finest, past and present – Fashanu’s former drummer on drums, and Martha’s bass player on lead guitar and vocals. And while they do have a few things in common with those bands – namely that they play poppy indie punk with songs… Read More →