Single Review | Pulled Apart By Horses – ‘Hot Squash’

Hot Squash, Pulled Apart By Horses

And income Pulled Apart By Horses, with a barely tamed beast of a tune to kick off their third album Blood. This alternative post-hardcore Leeds collective have decided to introduce us to a taste of their latest LP Blood (keep an eye peeled here for a full album review in the not too distant future) which is due for release on the 1st of September 2014. But enough of the formalities – let’s get down to the true grit of this distorted, scream-along worthy of your time and sweat. Roll in with a thunderous echo of foot-stomps and handclaps with a gloriously filthy bassline, Pulled Apart By Horses’ get back to what they’re good at – making noise. The song remains… Read More →

Single Review | Birdeatsbaby – ‘The Bullet’


An elite few have taken on the strange, wonderful and ultimately specific genre of “Dark Cabaret” and come to thrive on their efforts. You’ve got your Dresden Dolls and your Camille O’Sullivans, your Jason Webleys and whatever else Amanda Palmer has been up to lately… but let’s talk Birdeatsbaby. This multi-musical foursome hailing from Brighton, UK, have been hard grafting in a rather relentless manner since they first formed back in 2008. With two albums already under their belt (Here She Comes a Tumblin – 2008/Feast of Hammers – 2012) and a handful of singles and EPs, it’s fair to say that this isn’t just some weekend hobby for the solely independent group. The glittered-up, burlesque-esque juggernauts currently comprising of Tessa… Read More →

EP Review | Stallone – ‘Mire’


Tangled Talk are always ones to rely on for consistently decent releases, and this time is no different with Stallone’s debut record, Mire. Also released on Enjoyment Records, here you can expect music from the more mentally demanding end of Metalcore, complete with a crushing technical ability that brings some bulldozing-level riffs. Mire begins with the opening moments of ‘As A Serpent’ which delivers a chopped up riff alongside those harmonic scrapes which have become such a staple sound in certain realms of metal over the past few years. They quickly progress to the Every-Time-I-Die-style riffs that make up most of what you hear in the next 25 minutes. That’s not to say it’s repetitious though – these riffs include… Read More →

Single Review | Los Campesinos! – ‘What Death Leaves Behind’


It’s well documented that I think Romance Is Boring is pretty much the best indie pop record of our time and that Hello Sadness is one of the blandest. Never had a bigger kick to the metaphorical tits… Or the actual balls. Whatever. Shut up. Some body part anyway, real or imaginary. It’s not that it was a bad record, just not as good as the ones that came before it, lacking somewhat in the energy that had made the others so great. “By Your Hand” was a jam, but the rest was sorely lacking. “What Death Leaves Behind”, the lead single from Los Camp!’s technically-fourth-but-come-on-be-serious-it’s-the-fifth album, was something I clicked play on with dread, in preparation for finally giving… Read More →

Single Review | Venkman – ‘Tricking/Martial Law’


Through thought-out presentation, precise press release statements and professional photo-shoots, no amount of image tweaking can disguise an artist’s music. Unfortunately, all it takes is ten seconds of listening. Ten seconds to discover a band’s true nature… People today are impatient. We want things now, not in 20 minutes; we want things like, right now. No bloody waiting, twiddling thumbs and shooting the shit, things have to be fast and straight to the point. So it’s no wonder, with our integrated digital lives that music takes the brunt of our stubbornness. “Oh, the humanity” we cry as attention-spans twist and writhe in agony as links take us away from the safety of the ‘news feed’. Well, luckily or unluckily for everyone, music today, on a wide variety of formats… Read More →

Single Review | B>E>A>K – ‘The Blue Edition’


The Blue Edition, the latest egg to hatch in the ’The Life of Birds’ series, is the most recent release from the ornithological six-piece B>E>A>K… Primarily an instrumental flock, B>E>A>K’s The Blue Edition sees the band experiment with intelligent squawking on both ’Night Owls’, with its purely infections vocal melody, and with ’Get Your Beak On’, with its mantra like chant. All bird references aside, The Blue Edition, like its predecessors, maintains a colorful and exuberant style combing crisp bass lines, with simple yet infectious drumbeats creating a platform; a musical foundation for repetitive angular guitar lines with rousing brass and squelching synth lines. The lead track ’Night Owls’ is ridiculously catchy with its disco-eqsue falsetto seducing ooooooing and vocal serges, layered… Read More →

Single Review | Wampire – ‘Spirit Forest’


Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps’ exterior could leave you wondering if the pair are trapped in a 70s porn film, with dodgy tash, greasy locks and a painfully awkward stare. But the work of the duo is entirely the opposite.. Wampire echoes a lo-fi grunge sound which was particularly strong in their debut single ‘The Hearse’, with a new single ‘Spirit Forest’ being second release to be part of their debut album Curiosity, due later in the year. However the new track offers a rather optimistic and less gothic sound, hiding away from the echoey, punk strength of the first single.The duo are fortunate enough to share Polyvinyl Records with Portland’s own Unknown Mortal Orchestra and STRFKR, and were even… Read More →

Single Review | Pianos Become the Teeth/Touché Amoré Split

This split is a bit of a no brainer, one Topshelf band, the other Deathwish, both are part of a group of US screamo/post-hardcore outfits who have been touring and splitting (yes, that’s a verb now) together for years… The first track, ‘Hiding’, is from Baltimore’s Pianos Become the Teeth. This is an interesting development in their sound following their last full lengthThe Lack Long After (2011). Starting slowly, and with a slightly more grown-up feel, ‘Hiding’ is the first time I’ve heard a sense of place, a context to them; big and expansive like endless coarse wheat fields; bonfires; burning tyres. Sticky and exhausted, the warm sounds of the opening moments tumble on with bass drum into quivering vocals, post-rocky progressions, and as it… Read More →

Single Review | Axes – ‘Wet Wet Wet Wet’


When Kev of Big Scary Monsters announced his mystery signing was instrumental dream team Axes (something he’d been building up to on that particular day) I found it hard to contain my excitement; subsequently hitting the Twittersphere, hard… Having only played a handful of shows this year, I feel lucky to have witnessed Axes in the flesh not once, but four times. Hearing most of what I know at said shows, it’s interesting for me to see a song that works so well live reigned in, its complex and intricate elements recorded, perfected. That said, ‘Wet Wet Wet Wet’ is made up of three equally diverse, but carefully structured sections; much like most instrumental music of its kind, what Axes create requires guidelines for it… Read More →

Single Review | Someone Died – ‘Grip’

Someone Died Header

I first became aware of Alan’s new venture on the day of the Pink Mist pop-up shop back in July, at which he performed several tracks that were news to my ears and me. Upon returning home, I did a bit of digging and found that Mr. Welsh (Colour, Tangled Hair) had created another alias of sorts, this being Someone Died…   Three video recordings of tracks I’d heard earlier that day could be found on YouTube at the time, two of these (being ‘No Name #2′ and ‘No Name #5′) consequently found their way onto recent single/EP Grip. At just over seven minutes in length, the ambiguous little release could well fit into both of the aforementioned categories, although I don’t think it was… Read More →