Brighton’s Small Pond Recordings and Bad Math are teaming up to deliver a shit hot day of math rock and other weird stuff at the Green Door Store this October.

Friendship! Comaraderie! Teamwork! Banter! These are just a few of the choice phrases that come to mind when we think about Small Pond and Bad Math coming together. It was only a matter of time really – these two Brighton bad-boy heavyweights have been flogging left-field music for a while now, and people have been guzzling it down. So it’s only natural that the two prepare for an emotional and sensual embrace.

Set to take on the 10th of October, ‘Bad Pond’ – as it’s been named – will be an all-dayer at the Green Door Store in Brighton. Bands will play, food will be served, fun will be had. You will buy a very well-priced ticket, you will attend and you will enjoy yourself. End of discussion.

So far confirmed for the all-dayer, are the magnificent Delta Sleep, Let’s Talk Daggers, Written In Waters and Cousin – with loads more incredible bands to come (trust us).

As well as music, there will be a bunch of other rad stuff including gaming booths, a record fair, food, drink, benches, toilets, walls, places to stand, free air and even a special math quiz.

AND… if that wasn’t enough, we’re teaming up with both Small Pond and Bad Math to bring all you lazy fuckers and foreigners a live stream of the event via the MM website.

Early bird tickets start at just £8 and can be purchased via WeGotTickets. Stay tuned for more news and band announcements.