Hello ‘Wrong’, goodbye Cleft


Bad news, Cleft are calling it a day. Good news, they’ve just released an incredible new album and live video. Swings and roundabouts. Cleft have always been good. I can’t remember a time when they didn’t sound amazing. When MM first picked them up, just after the release of their incredible Whale Bone EP, they were already well on their was to becoming the band they are today. Loud, technical, talented, professional, personable; it’s no wonder Dan and John have enjoyed such success as a two-piece over the last few years. And somehow, they’ve got better. Their sound has been honed, their songs refined and ideas expanded upon. And their efforts have paid off big time. They’ve shared stages with the… Read More →

Listen to Pulo Revé’s new track ‘Looking Up Or Around And In’

pulo reve e

Before they release their new album É in September, listen to Pulo Revé’s massive new track ‘Looking Up Or Around And In’. Haven’t heard of Pulo Revé? Well, you’re in for a fuckin’ treat mate. Pulo Revé are five-piece from St Albans in the UK who play music that’s brash, progressive, diverse and devastatingly passionate – and they’ve got a new album just around the corner. Since the release of their EP earlier in the year, Pulo Revé have been building up to their debut full-length, É – and have just released a brand new song from it. Mixing elements of hardcore, metal, punk and experimental music, the southern quintet’s new track ‘Looking Up Or Around And In’ is some of their best work. It’s emotive, destructive, loud and endlessly listenable, and acts as… Read More →

Album Review | Delta Sleep – ‘Twin Galaxies’

Delta Sleep Twin Galaxies

Delta Sleep’s debut album is hands down, one of the best releases of 2015 so far. The last three weeks have been an absolute dream. Getting to know Delta Sleep’s first full length has been a pleasure – a rich experience full of endless ups and down. And I genuinely don’t remember the last time a record made me feel like that. It’s been a long wait though. Over 2 years have passed since Management, and in the meantime Delta Sleep have been through a lot. But through line-up changes and periods of hibernation the band have finally released their debut album, Twin Galaxies – a record which sets the bar for math rock and alternative music in the UK. A complex, yet beautiful… Read More →

Exclusive | Watch Town Portal perform live track ‘Bonus Trigger’

Town Portal, Alarmist, Cleft, Leeds, Gig

They came over to the UK in April, played four shows, blew everyone’s minds and then fucked off back to Denmark. God, Town Portal’s new album is going amazing. Yep, that’s right, you heard it. Shock horror! Musical Mathematics are excited about a math rock record. Stop the mother fuckin’ presses. Town Portal are putting out their second full-length record on the 25th of May, and based on the tracks they’ve released, it’s going to be amazing. The pressure’s on though. ‘Cause Town Portal’s first album, Chronopoly, was a fucking sledgehammer of a record. Like a bolt of lightening to the dick. So the band’s new album, The Occident, better be bloody good, or bad things are going to happen. Fortunately though, the Danish instrumental trio have… Read More →

Exclusive | Bearfoot Beware return with ‘He Should’ve Died (As A Kid)’

Bearfoot Beware

Lock up your butts, ’cause Bearfoot Beware are back – bigger, better and beefier than ever. There are few constants in life. People change, music evolves, bands split up, friends move on, lovers leave and guess what, we all die. It’s the maddening cycle of this ridiculous life which pushes things forward. But fuck it, sometimes change sucks. We’ve seen too many amazing bands and artists piss off and pack it in, and we’re sick of it. And that’s where Bearfoot Beware come in. Leeds’ Bearfoot Beware are one of the few, true constants in life. They’re immortal. Timeless. They’re like the musical equivalent of gravity, except without all that science bullshit. They’ve always been around and they always will. Go to… Read More →

Album Review | Alright The Captain – ‘Contact Fix’

Alright The Captain Contact Fix

It’s ambitious, complex, convoluted, confusing and ridiculous, but Alright The Captain‘s new release Contact Fix offers a refreshing take on instrumental music in 2015. Derby’s Alright The Captain are old. I mean, they’re not old, old – but they’ve definitely been around the block a few times. But that’s a good thing. Over the past five or so years, the trio have gigged, toured, recorded, promoted, marketed, crowdfunded, PR’d, networked, designed and distributed. They’ve worked as hard as a band possibly can in this day and age. And thankfully, they’re still around to see the benefits. First off, for whatever reason, instrumental music isn’t weird anymore – at least not like it used to be anyway. Bands without vocalists used to freak… Read More →

Spotlight | Listen to Fearless Leader’s New EP ‘Fiercely Loyal’

Fearless Leader

Frantic, hard-hitting and chaotic; Fearless Leader‘s newest release Fiercely Loyal is a brilliant piece of technical post-hardcore that’s more than worth your time. Knowing practically nothing about Seattle’s Fearless Leader, and their notable musical exploits, when their new record Fiercely Loyal presented itself to us earlier this month, we found it hard to ignore. Awash with masterful guitars, big ideas and guttural vocals, Fiercely Loyal is an ever-evolving series of modern-rock songs that combine only the best elements of math, post-hardcore, metal and prog rock. Literally and figuratively screaming to be heard, Fearless Leader’s newest release isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s full of intense passages of disorientating rock, and presents a point of view, lyrically, which isn’t easily forgotten. But it’s these uncertainties and sharp points which make Fiercely Loyal a… Read More →

Album Review | Shambles In A Husk – ‘Die Device Die’

Shambles In A Husk

It’s difficult to listen to Shambles In A Husk without thinking of a certain band whose name pays homage to the conclusion of Homers ‘Illiad’. However, it is in their similarities to another (unarguably) lesser known Equal Vision artist from days of yore, Hot Cross (strictly Risk Revival era mind), that warms me to their twiddly shoutiness. I’ve always admired Hot Cross’ ability to fuse rough, hardcore passion and delicious guitar licks bordering on math, with an emphasis on emotive melody over self indulgence. And it’s a tactic Shambles In A Husk use to great effect in opening track of their EP Die Device Die.  ‘Cowboy Doom’ utilises its tight harmonious lead riffs to steer the melody, leaving the heavier chords free… Read More →

Album Review | Axes – ‘Glory’

Axes Glory

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since Axes burst on the scene as the newest members of the Big Scary Monsters alumni. Label: Big Scary Monsters Release: 3rd November 2014 FFO: This Town Needs Guns, Tangled Hair, Foo Fighters (read on…) Glory is, in theory, regarded as Axes’ debut LP. Not that you’d know it from the supreme confidence that flows through each of its ten tracks, though. Opener ‘The One’ is blisteringly huge, with an outro that signals a move away from the twiddly and towards the chunky; sounding like the bloody Foo Fighters. Album number two (or one, I still haven’t figured this out) proves a much more calculated effort from Axes. Where their self-titled mini-album sometimes let… Read More →

Interview | Axes

Axes Band Interview Musical Mathematics

With the release of their new album Glory, instrumental four-piece Axes are bringing their brand of intricate and progressive rock music to the masses. After the success of their debut self-titled album – released back in 2013 – Axes have shown time after time that they’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to live, instrumental music. Having played shows up and down the country with the likes of Tera Melos, Minus The Bear, LITE, Owls, Delta Sleep and more, the multi-talented quartet have built a growing fan-base around a sound which is both unpredictable and yet effortlessly original. So with the release of their much-anticipated second album, Glory, we recently caught up with the band to discuss new material, instrumental music, touring and collective… Read More →