Album Review | Alright The Captain – ‘Contact Fix’

Alright The Captain Contact Fix

It’s ambitious, complex, convoluted, confusing and ridiculous, but Alright The Captain‘s new release Contact Fix offers a refreshing take on instrumental music in 2015. Derby’s Alright The Captain are old. I mean, they’re not old, old – but they’ve definitely been around the block a few times. But that’s a good thing. Over the past five or so years, the trio have gigged, toured, recorded, promoted, marketed, crowdfunded, PR’d, networked, designed and distributed. They’ve worked as hard as a band possibly can in this day and age. And thankfully, they’re still around to see the benefits. First off, for whatever reason, instrumental music isn’t weird anymore – at least not like it used to be anyway. Bands without vocalists used to freak… Read More →

Exclusive | Watch Alright The Captain’s New Music Video

Alright The Captain Press

After a highly successful crowd-funding project, Derby’s Alright The Captain return with their brand new track ‘Ben & Barbara’, and video to match. Instrumental trio Alright The Captain are a staple of the alternative scene in the UK. They’re one of the hardest working bands in the country right now and have been steadily gaining a dedicated fan-base since the release of their debut album SNIB.  So after the band successful raised over £2,000 to help make their new album – set for release in 2015 – here at Musical Mathematics we’re really happy to be able to present Alright The Captain’s new video for ‘Ben & Barbara’ – which you can watch and listen to above. Here’s what the band had to say… Read More →

That Time Toe Came To London


“Can you afford this?” The thought echoed forth from the distant, sensible corner of my brain. I paused for a moment—but the voice of reason had already faded. Eyes back to the glowing computer screen. Plugging and clicking away, I spewed my bank account details across the Internet. “Confirm reservation?” Confirm. “Purchase Now?” Click. “Really?” Double-click. Plane ticket, ferry ticket, bus ticket: check. Considering the state of my personal finances, a three-day trip from Italy to the UK and back again isn’t necessarily a wise undertaking. But in this case, I had no choice. I had finagled a golden ticket of Willy Wonka magnitude: the musical lineup of a post/math rock lifetime—Enemies, This Town Needs Guns, and the iconic Toe… Read More →