Album Review | Alright The Captain – ‘Contact Fix’

Alright The Captain Contact Fix

It’s ambitious, complex, convoluted, confusing and ridiculous, but Alright The Captain‘s new release Contact Fix offers a refreshing take on instrumental music in 2015. Derby’s Alright The Captain are old. I mean, they’re not old, old – but they’ve definitely been around the block a few times. But that’s a good thing. Over the past five or so years, the trio have gigged, toured, recorded, promoted, marketed, crowdfunded, PR’d, networked, designed and distributed. They’ve worked as hard as a band possibly can in this day and age. And thankfully, they’re still around to see the benefits. First off, for whatever reason, instrumental music isn’t weird anymore – at least not like it used to be anyway. Bands without vocalists used to freak… Read More →

Exclusive | Watch the live video for ‘LikeYrType’ by Falcon Punch

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 12.10.22

With the release of their new EP Show Me Your Moves on Blood & Biscuits this month, Canadian trio Falcon Punch have recorded a live video for their new track ‘LikeYrType’… We’re but days away from the release of Falcon Punch’s second release; an EP which fuses modern electronica, drum & bass and noise rock. And having been familiarised with the trio’s instrumental talents, it’s time to put a face to the name, so it were, with this, a live version of their new track ‘LikeYrType’. Watch above. Recorded by the band themselves, and shot by collaborator Scott Sokoloski, the live session showcases the Toronto-based trio’s unique live sound. Show Me Your Moves by Falcon Punch Falcon Punch’s new 5-track EP,… Read More →

EP Review | Luo – ‘Lapis Lazuli’


Instrumentalists Luo are back again with their newest release Lapis Lazuli, showing now, more than ever, that their appreciation and implementation of electronic-infused composition is nothing less than impeccable… Brain-child of Brighton-based sound designer and composer Josh Trinnaman, collaborative musical output Luo have now been producing music for over two years, since the latter days of 2012. Now, two years on, and three EPs later – their live sound already well-established – Luo now return with an EP that’s not only more electronically centred than previous releases, but arguably more focused aswell.  Set to the sound of filtered sub-bass, the ever-building introduction of ‘Nocturnal’ suddenly snaps, cutting to groove-laden pulses of atmospheric reverb and dynamic percussion. Barely three-minutes in, and Lapis Lazuli’s… Read More →

Interview | Falcon Punch


Ever since we were introduced to the diverse electronic sounds of Blood & Biscuits’ most recent signings Falcon Punch, we’ve been straight-up addicted to their debut album and up-coming EP Show Me Your Moves… Although having already established a sound that’s both highly complex and evolved, Falcon Punch are, in fact, a relatively new sound to many of us. But, thanks to the endless powers of the internet, new and albeit brilliant music has a way of finding its way to the most unheard of parts of the world. Ahead of the release of their new EP, Show Me Your Moves, we caught up with the Canadian trio to get a better insight into their new record, and who they… Read More →

Album Review | Zorch – ‘ ZZOORRCCHH’


So I’ve been waiting for this album to come out for a couple of months now and I’m very happy to say that in no way am I disappointed with Zorch’s first full length release. Building steam through their well documented live performances and a brilliant debut EP, their debut album is a joyful mix of visceral rhythms, electronica, and choral sing-a-longs. It’s basically unclassifiable noise-rock in the most pleasurable form that I have heard in quite a long time. It’s a downright trip of a disc that has a sonic tapestry that could be described as idiosyncratic, fucking mental, or just straight up what-the-fuck. As with all good trips it starts with a few moments of honey dripped euphoria… Read More →

Spotlight | Zorch


There is a lot to be said for a live show that involves audience participation, visuals and a band that seem to think fun is an integral part of their music… I mean it’s hard not to get noticed when part of your performance is a mid set game of dodgeball, never you mind your unconventional light shows. First picked up by the mainstream press around their SXSW performance in 2011 Zorch have taken their time, and are about to release their debut album having continued to build a buzz through these stellar live performances, a solitary EP and a particularly badass demo. And from what we’ve heard of their upcoming album, their time spent perfecting looks like it’s going… Read More →