Listen to La Jungle’s incredible new album ‘II’

La Jungle

They’re loud, they’re Belgian, and their new album is gonna fuck you up. This is La Jungle. Right, I’m going to come clean. Before Tuesday I’d never heard of La Jungle. Didn’t have a clue. I didn’t even know they were releasing a new record. I was just bumbling around, bumping into walls and trying to pretend my life had some sort of cosmic meaning. But on Tuesday, everything changed. I now know who La Jungle are and I’m very happy about it. La Jungle’s sound is hard to pin point. It’s loud, it’s progressive and it’s very percussive. Combining elements of experimental music, krautrock, post-rock and noise, La Jungle’s songs are mammoth, both in size and length. Think Battles, Daft Punk, That Fucking… Read More →