Watch Valerian Swing perform at ArcTanGent 2015

Valerian Swing

It’s been 4 months since ArcTanGent 2015, but Valerian Swing are still making noise. Everyone’s favourite Italian instrumentalists Valerian Swing have been producing loud and ferocious music since the release of their incredible debut album A Sailor Lost Around The Earth back in 2011. Since then, the trio have grown to become one of Europe’s most exciting experimental bands, playing with the likes of Russian Circles, Boris, TTNG, signing with UK label Small Pond Recordings and appearing at festivals such as fan-favourite ATG. No too bad huh? With memories of this year’s ATG slowing fading away, we’re extremely happy to be able to present a little nugget of 2015 festival action – from the one and only Valerian Swing. Watch them perform their track ‘Parsec’-… Read More →

Watch Cousin perform live track ‘Dry Steering On A Wet Road’

Cousin Live

Fuck bass. Fuck low end. Fuck vocals. Fuck linear song structures. Cousin are here. Rejoice. With their early 2015 release, Music To Polish Your Rifle To, still as listenable as ever, it seems Brighton-based instrumental trio Cousin are set for a great Autumn and Winter. With the amount of great instrumental music around these days, it’s often hard to keep up – especially when some of it sounds the same. But Cousin aren’t a band you’re likely to forget. From gritty riffs to immersive and emotive musicianship  – Cousin’s sparse and groove-driven sound has always stood out. And continues to do so in 2015. With a string of dates this October, Cousin have been busy with the guys at Small Pond Recordings, recording a live session of… Read More →

Watch Delta Sleep share new live track ‘Strongthany’

Delta Sleep

Delta Sleep are great. Twin Galaxies is great. This new live session is great. Great. After the release of their debut album Twin Galaxies, southern four-piece Delta Sleep have been pretty unstoppable. They’ve now established themselves as one of the UK’s most consistently brilliant bands in the ‘math’ scene, and continue to be completely un-boring; as captivating live and they are on record. And this new live session is proof of just that. Teaming up with Twin Galaxies producer Tom Le Beau Morley in the exact space the record was tracked, Delta Sleep’s new session – filmed by the guys at Milk Time Productions – features their incredible album closer ‘Strongthany’. It’s a beautifully constructed track that shows the band at their very best. You can watch… Read More →

Watch Body Hound tear shit up in Manchester

Body Hound Live Shot

Last month, Body Hound played to a rammed Gullivers in Manchester. And this was the result. Over a year ago, Sheffield-based instrumental four-piece Body Hound released their debut EP, Rhombus Now. A truly ridiculous fucking record. And now, in 2015, we’re still listening, trying to figure out how the hell they did it. After seeing them in Leeds last year, and after catching their incredible set on the main stage at ArcTanGent this August, it’s fair to say they’re not pissing about. Rhombus Now  wasn’t a one off. It wasn’t a bedroom project or a joke. It was the start of something new. Something good. Something unique. Having been up and down the country playing on a bunch of different bills and line-ups,… Read More →

Exclusive | Watch Town Portal perform live track ‘Bonus Trigger’

Town Portal, Alarmist, Cleft, Leeds, Gig

They came over to the UK in April, played four shows, blew everyone’s minds and then fucked off back to Denmark. God, Town Portal’s new album is going amazing. Yep, that’s right, you heard it. Shock horror! Musical Mathematics are excited about a math rock record. Stop the mother fuckin’ presses. Town Portal are putting out their second full-length record on the 25th of May, and based on the tracks they’ve released, it’s going to be amazing. The pressure’s on though. ‘Cause Town Portal’s first album, Chronopoly, was a fucking sledgehammer of a record. Like a bolt of lightening to the dick. So the band’s new album, The Occident, better be bloody good, or bad things are going to happen. Fortunately though, the Danish instrumental trio have… Read More →

Exclusive | Watch Death and the Penguin perform live track ‘Bitumen’

Death and the Penguin - Bitumen

Death and the Penguin’s new live video for ‘Bitumen’ is completely and utterly wonderful. And you should watch it. Again and again. How long’s it been? 13, 14 months? Yeah, something like that. Well, it’s been just over a year since London’s Death and the Penguin released their incredible debut EP Accidents Happen – and still, it’s a fantastic piece of work. Yet, it’s worrying to think that there are people out there that haven’t heard it. Because they’re missing out. Death and the Penguin’s sound is a unique one. Progressive and ground-breaking, yet classic; grounded in its roots. And Accidents Happen shows that perfectly. It’s a brilliantly well-rounded record, with great production and great songs. Songs such as the diverse and ever-haunting ‘Bitumen’ –… Read More →

Exclusive | Watch Axes perform track ‘Real Talk’ live

Axes Live Small Pond

As if you haven’t already heard enough about how good Axes are live… Their first release was a breath of fresh air, and their second was an undeniable triumph, but you just can’t beat the real thing. You can’t beat Axes in the flesh – live, raw, jaunty and disgustingly tight. Of course, we mean actually live – like standing in a venue watching the quartet sweat and bleed. That’s how you should experience the instrumental glory of Axes. But perhaps a close 2nd, we’ve got our hands on a brand new live session from the band, put together by Brighton video sorcerers Small Pond Recordings. And despite Axes’ notorious live sound, this session video of their track ‘Real Talk’ is about as close to the real thing as… Read More →

Exclusive | Watch Cøllege perform brand new track ‘John’

College John Live Video

Emotive, powerful and full of originality; Cøllege‘s brand new music is bloody refreshing. It’s only been about four months since we premiered Cøllege’s track ‘Antique Hotel’ taken from their 10″ split with The Reason I Failed History, but already the Canterbury-based three-piece are back on it, with a series of brand new live tracks. Having already released their first live track ‘Sliver’ a week back, we’re absolutely chuffed here at MM to introduce the band’s newest piece of scuzzy brilliance. Speaking about the new track, the band’s guitarist and vocalist Isaac said: “This track has been on the cards for a while now and signifies a clearer transition into math rock than all of our previous releases. We have a tendency to sit… Read More →