MM recommends Cleft, &U&I & more in Birmingham

Cleft &U&I Birmingham

Join riff kings Cleft for their last ever Birmingham show alongside the likes of &U&I, Doppelgänger, Bearfoot Beware and more. From the Midlands? Never seen Cleft before? What the hell have you been doing with your life? Manchester’s most polite and well-behaved math rock two-piece are doing the rounds for the last time this month, and are headed to Muthers Studio for their last ever Birmingham show. So make sure to tell mum you’re going to miss dinner, ’cause this one’s gonna blow your fucking face off. Joining the turbo prog duo at their last Brum gig on the 14th of May are local hometown heroes &U&I, Wrexham alt-rock outfit Doppelgänger, fuzz fuckers Bearfoot Beware, shouty shits Classically Handsome Brutes and post-rock… Read More →

10 bands to see at ArcTanGent Festival 2015

ArcTanGent Musical Mathematics Picks

With only a few weeks to go until ArcTanGent 2015, we thought we’d put a spotlight on a few of the bands we’re really looking forward to seeing. We’ve put together a list 10 bands that we can’t wait to see at this year’s festival. 10 bands that you – if you’re going to ArcTanGent this year – should definitely go and see if you get the chance. Remember, these are our choices, so sorry if we missed out your all time favourite band! It’s only a short list. We could have made it a top 50, but 10 seemed a bit more doable. So enjoy, and see you there. In no particular order, here are our picks… Chon Technical… Read More →

New Compilation ‘This One’s Eight’ Out Now

Musical Mathematics - This One's Eight

Featuring a massive track list, with 36 bands, our new free compilation This One’s Eight is out now. And best of all, it’s free to download. If you’ve visited Musical Mathematics before, then it’s fair to say you’ve probably listened to, or seen one of our compilations before. Every now and then we round up all the great music we’ve been listening to, and throw it all together on one big album. And whilst every record we’ve release has been unique and beautiful in their own way, our newest compilation – This One’s Eight – is by far our largest. Featuring math rock, post rock, instrumental music, indie, alternative rock, noise rock, post-hardcore and more, This One’s Eight is a massive showcase of both established and up-coming… Read More →

Album Review | Grand Beach – Self-Titled

Grand Beach Album Cover Review

Grand Beach – a small, and almost unheard of band from Winnipeg, Canada – have triumphed in making one the most exciting records of 2014. This record is – in my eyes – flawless. But, for some reason it feels like I’m the only person listening to it. And I have no idea why. Why aren’t you listening to this fucking record? Here we have a seemingly unknown band from Canada – its members known primarily for their involvement in other bands (most prominent being Alex Litinsky’s A.M. Overcast) – and an album with almost no prior promotion or label support, and yet, it’s one of the most well-formed and unbelievable debuts of 2014. How the fuck did this happen? Yeah, ok –… Read More →

MM Recommends | Usurp Rise & Patchwork Natives in Brighton

Usurp Rise

Three of our favourite up-coming artists – Usurp, Rise, Patchwork Natives and Orchards – all play a FREE show at The Gladstone in Brighton on the 8th of November Brighton is increasingly becoming a beacon for math-rock and instrumental music in the UK. It’s home to some of the scene’s most memorable artists, and it’s grown to be a staple for touring bands from all over the country. But what’s best about the Southern positioned City, is the amount of fresh, new musical talent it constantly churns out. And whilst some of those new bands can often miss the mark, or come to a gradual stand-still, three bands that have really caught our attention in the last 6 months are set to play… Read More →

MM Recommends | Mimas, Dad Rocks! & Charlie Barnes in Leeds

Mimas Dad Rocks! MM Banner

On the 22nd of October Mimas, Dad Rocks! and Charlie Barnes play a one-off, intimate show in the heart of Leeds at the beautiful Holy Trinity Church. This is one you won’t want to miss. For years now, Scandinavian musicians in both Mimas and Dad Rocks! have been imposing themselves on the UK music scene with their vivid and unique take on modern day alternative music. Mimas, with their longstanding and influential alt-rock history, and Dad Rocks!, the brain-child and folk-pop ‘side project’ of Snævar Njáll Albertsson; these are two bands that don’t often come to Leeds, and they may not be back for a while. Featuring the vocals of Snævar Njáll Albertsson; both Mimas and Dad Rocks! have a lot in common,… Read More →

Exclusive | Listen to Axes’ Brand New Track ‘Plan Américain’

Axes Glory

After the success of a brilliant self-titled debut, instrumental quartet Axes are now back with Glory, and their brand new track ‘Plan Américain’. ‘Wet Wet Wet Wet’, ‘Fleetwood Math’, ‘Rainbow Bacon'; Axes’ breakthrough debut album was one of the most memorable releases of 2013, and one of our favourite instrumental albums of the past few years. And having already introduced ‘Junior’ – the first track taken from their follow-up LP Glory – Axes’ addictive and over-excitable brand of tingling technical-rock is back, and more superb then ever. So, with over a month to go until Glory is revealed in full, we’re super happy here at Musical Mathematics to be able to make the wait that little bit easier, with Axes’ brand new track ‘Plan Américain’, which you… Read More →

Exclusive | Watch Olympian’s Brand new video for ‘Brunch Cannon’

Olympians Brunch Cannon

After a memorable performance at this year’s ArcTanGent Festival, Southern four-piece Olympians just keep on impressing us. Olympians have been on our radar for a good while now, and in turn have been winning over modern-rock audiences with their unique brand of bedroom pop and poetry. And as the London/Nowich based band continue to push forward with thoughtful releases that showcase an honest and impeccably cared-for sound, here at Musical Mathematics we’re enjoying their music more than ever. So with the recording of their debut album currently underway, we were delighted to be able to get our hands on the band’s brand new music video for their stunning single ‘Brunch Cannon'; a song packed full of heartfelt and painfully relatable lyrical themes and passages. So if… Read More →

Exclusive | Watch Three Trapped Tigers Live at ArcTanGent

Three Trapped Tigers Live ArcTanGent

Words and photos are so overrated. We’re in the 21st century – can’t we just watch and listen to shit instead? Yeah, we wrote a long overworked review of ArcTanGent, and yeah, a few of you probably even read it, but what we’re all craving is something to help us relive some of the best moments of the weekend – in visual form. That’s why we’re super excited to introduce Small Pond Recordings, and their amazing coverage from this year’s ArcTanGent. Over the next few months, Small Pond Recordings will be releasing a series of live videos from the returning bands at ATG 2014 including Baby Godzilla, TTNG, Nordic Giants, The St. Pierre Snake Invasion, The Physics House Band, And So I… Read More →

10 Bands We Want to See at ArcTanGent in 2015

Tall Ships ArcTanGent

Now that the dust has settled, we can’t stop thinking about next year. This year’s ArcTanGent was nothing but a success – with some of the best live music we’ve seen all year. But we can’t help thinking about next year, and who we’d like to see on the bill in 2015. So, cutting the bullshit, and regardless of scheduling and booking issues, here are 10 bands we’d absolutely love to see at ATG next summer. Toe The Japanese alternative-music scene is thriving at the minute. Mono, LITE, Te, Bo Ningen… the list goes on and on. So after their astounding appearance in London last year, we think it’s about time they came back over to the UK, this time in… Read More →