Musical Mathematics is a dedicated team…

full of like-minded people who all share a common love for great alternative music. Starting off as just one solitary music blogger, MM has now grown into a thriving community of writers and music fans.


Andy Crowder – Founder/Editor

Musical Mathematics was originally established by Andy Crowder back in 2010 in Leeds. With a background in music production, social media and content marketing, Andy currently oversees all of MM’s outgoing content.

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Past Contributors

Zarif Miah,  Rob Evans, Sam Lelliott, Cat Chadderton, Will Page, Anthony Santulli, Nikk Hunter, Tom Oberst, Anthony Brocatto, Max Gayler, David Wigglesworth, Pete Wise, James Fox, Edd Colbert, Luke O’Brien, Jack Dooley, Aaron Skipper, Jay M. Johar, Will Richards, Lauren Dyson, Mike McGrath-Bryan, Thom Rogers, Abby P-H, Scott Stannard, Finn LeMarinel, Fin Murphy, Dean Smithers, Kyle Rice, Dominic Green, Greg Pritchard, Dave Saunders, Chris Rickett, Nick Sadler, Tom James.