Japan’s technical champions LITE come the UK in February for a host of shows with MM favourites The Physics House Band to celebrate the release of their new album Installation via Blood & Biscuits…

And with the much anticipated UK release of the record (see our JP review here) the band were kind enough to give us a quick insight into Installation, talking us through ten tracks of mesmerising math rock. Here’s what guitarist Nobuyuki had to say…

Starry Morning

This one song was divided into “Morning” and “Night” in different keys.


One day, we were asked to do a song for a TV advert. It didn’t happen, but It gave us the chance to write a song by using a visual image first. We’d never done this before, and it ended up working really well. This was the first song we wrote for the album.


We felt that we hadn’t written a song without synths for a while. We wanted get some power back!

Alter Ego

When the bass phrase first came up, we knew it was going to be an amazing song. Influenced by Francis Bacon.

Between Us

Kozo (the other guitarist) brought about one riff originally, then the band turned turned it heavy and sad by jamming over and over. Just what the album needed.


The lead song from Installation. It was written way before the rest of the album was formed. It was actually written right after our last album ‘For all the innocence’. I doubt we’ll be able to come up with a riff like this again.

Fog Up

It’s the most difficult to play in this album by far. I play guitar and shaker at the same time!

Starry Night

It became dark… The title came from Van Gogh.


This is a Japanese star sign. You can see it in the starry night when you look up the sky sometimes.


When we started making the album we were in a studio in the forest for a week. We talked how we wanted the album to be, and just started jamming. This song – called ‘Nomad’ – came out on the last day of Camping when we were jamming deep in the woods.