It’s been 4 months since ArcTanGent 2015, but Valerian Swing are still making noise.

Everyone’s favourite Italian instrumentalists Valerian Swing have been producing loud and ferocious music since the release of their incredible debut album A Sailor Lost Around The Earth back in 2011.

Since then, the trio have grown to become one of Europe’s most exciting experimental bands, playing with the likes of Russian Circles, Boris, TTNG, signing with UK label Small Pond Recordings and appearing at festivals such as fan-favourite ATG. No too bad huh?

With memories of this year’s ATG slowing fading away, we’re extremely happy to be able to present a little nugget of 2015 festival action – from the one and only Valerian Swing.

Watch them perform their track ‘Parsec’- featured on their 2014 release AURORA – live from this year’s ATG.

Valerian Swing play the following shows in Italy this December:

Dec 16 – Mercoledi Rock, Perugia, Italy

Dec 17 – Blah Blah, Turin, Italy

Dec 18 – Honky Tonky, Seregno, Italy