Christ. What is it with people from Brighton. They’re considerate, forward thinking, creative, talented. Please, just stop. You’re making us look bad.

Cue Exploder Than You; a southern-based math-pop trio with a new song, a new video, a new EP and a new record label. And your new favourite band, probably.

So, we’re only a few sentences in, and I’ve used the words ‘forward thinking’, ‘creative’, and included ‘new’ no fewer than 6 times. Yes, I hate myself. But, I don’t hate Exploder Than You. On the contrary, I actually kind of love them. And their new single ‘Castle House’ is testament to that. Following on nicely from their last release, on ‘Castle House’ ETY are as catchy and poppy and frantic as ever. It’s an un-boring song, from an un-boring band, with a very very un-boring video. What could be better!? Listen/watch/enjoy below:

Alongside ‘Castle House’, the band have just announced the release of their new EP Lemon, which will be released via the brand new Rabbit Ear Records on the 14th of October. Pre-orders will be available from the 7th of October and copies will be available at Carefully Planned Festival in Manchester.