Fast-paced, catchy, complex and clever; Orchards‘ new EP Constantly Moving is math pop at its best.

Orchards are really fucking annoying. There – we said it. They’re annoying because they’re the whole god damn package. They’re young, they’re good looking, they’ve got a catchy name, they’re talented musicians, they live in Brighton and guess what, they play great music. Bloody bastards.

But, having said that, you’d be completely wrong to think that they hadn’t worked hard to be where they are right now. And their new EP is a testament to that. Orchards have spent a long time grafting down south, working their way up the ranks, playing shows up and down the country and getting their name out there.

And now, that hard work is about the pay off, because what the quartet have produced, is one great record. A brilliant EP of dynamic and eclectic ideas which bridge the gap between math rock and mainstream music. So what are you waiting for, listen to Orchards’ brand new release Constantly Moving right now above.

Track By Track

Alongside the full stream of the EP, the band were also kind enough to give us an insight into Constantly Moving, with the following detailed track-by-track break-down. So click play, read, listen, and enjoy. (Written by guitarist Sam)

This track was actually the last to be finished for the EP. We’d been working with the riff for a while and then one night, on acoustic guitars, a lot of components fell into place, yet the song really came into its own when we were in the studio.

We used a Danelectro baritone on the riffs and we distorted our faithful Yamaha ps-10 and put it through a Digitech Whammy for some sexy tones. Lyrically we’d say this song is our twisted take on love games, how ‘feelings’ you have are basically chemicals running around your body making you go mental… or something like that.
Orchards March dates7th Liverpool @ Maguires Pizza w/ Kusanagi
8th Leeds @ Wharf Chambers w/ Campfires
9th London @ The Birds Nest w/ Olympians
12th Brighton @ The Hope & Ruin w/ AXES

Constantly Moving

We chose this to be the title track for the EP because it was a reflection of how our songwriting has evolved over the few years we’ve been a band.

The opening guitars were actually written to be a middle-8 to the track ‘Build’, but when we heard the sound of them this song wrote itself in about an hour. This song shaped the overall sound of the whole EP in terms of production. Also, we’d always wanted to get a bit of a Samba feel into one of the songs and if that middle-8 doesn’t make you want to break out the maracas we don’t know what will.


From the whole EP this song took the longest to write, we went through quite a few version until we found a sound we were happy with. We guess you could say it’s our take on a math ballad. It contains some of the most intricate guitar parts from the EP.

Orchards LiveIn terms of lyrical content we’d say that we feel this is the strongest song on the EP, it’s about those relationships that are so volatile you can be at each others throats yet you can’t help but want to make it work. Close vocal harmony was always going to play a big role in this track even from the initial writing session, so we spent extra time in the studio making sure we got them right! This song also has the most overdubs of any on the EP.


We wanted the intro to this track to be a sustained chord that got quite gnarly. We used a Kaosillator with a few guitar overdubs but the real sound came from a pedal organ that was in the live room. It was so old and out of tune we played the chord and then autotuned it in the mix, it kind of ended up sounding like a happy Mordor. In the verses we mic’ed up the neck of a Telecaster that was unplugged, this was to give the verse guitars a more percussive sound. The whole percussion box kind of fell into this track.

Take Me There

‘Take Me There’ is the oldest song on the EP, we wrote it in a practice room in Liverpool two hours before the first date of our first tour in 2013, and we’ve been playing it ever since.

We ended up using quite a few of the Eastwood guitars that were in the studio for overdubs on this song. The track has retained a bit of its Liverpool roots with the addition of Mellotron flutes in the chorus.

Orchards new EP Constantly Moving is out now, and available to download via the band’s Bandcamp page.