Cousin‘s new album Music To Polish Your Rifle To is visceral, emotional and raw. It’s a great, impending instrumental release that ticks all the boxes.

Cousin’s newest record, Music To Polish Your Rifle To, is extremely refreshing. It’s subtle, tangible and brings a much needed warmth to the world of modern day instrumental music. In this, their new 6-track release, the Brighton-based three-piece have gone to great lengths to produce music which is fluid and natural; that evolves beautifully throughout. And they’ve done just that.
Album out 23rd March 2015 via Barely Regal & Fcking the Night
Ghosts And Vodka, Glocca Morra, Polvo, Don Caballero, Owls.

So with the new record coming out via Barely Regal Records and Fcking the Night on Monday the 23rd of March, we’re really happy to be able to give everyone the chance to listen to Cousin’s incredible new release Music To Polish Your Rifle To, in full, below.

Listen now and read the band’s thoughts on the record below.

Track By Track – (Written by Chris Blakey – Guitar)


This is one of the newer tracks on the album and is based around riffs from Orpheas. He actually wrote most of the song a couple of hours before a band practice and turned up with a coy little smile before unleashing it at full volume through the super reverb before we had even got our earplugs in. We honed the song there and then and added the double drop…it was very enjoyable finishing a track so quickly from inception to completion.


This multi faceted, slow burn, ‘pocket post-rock’ number has been hanging around for a while before we gave it a name and threw it into the ring to see if it could hold its own. Actually the name relates to Al’s love (which is shared in Cousin) for the impressive manufacturing work by the John Deere company, specifically in terms of agricultural equipment (to be fair, that’s where they really come into their own). Picture evidence can be provided for those wishing to cross-reference whether Al really does love the JDs.


Probably the oldest track on the album, but definitely in the highest tuning. Comes through in the song don’t you think? Super uplifting. Originally called ‘Mitch Mitchell’ and even though we thought it was a nice title, it just wasn’t obscure and nonsensical enough.


So this winding, shifting, writhing beast of a track was wrestled to the ground and shaped into something that resembles a song in the summer of 2013. It took a while, allegedly, Orph was high, listening to Pneu when the opening riff just appeared in his mind. It’s basically the modern day, noise-rock equivalent of Mozart composing entire symphonies in his head. Bonus fact: it’s the only tune on the album that features audible extra guitar parts.


Another one that we’d been playing live for quite a while before it made it on this album. Al coming up with the sweet beat he plays on the ride bell for the section just after the drop down was quite a key moment while writing it. Can’t quite remember how the title came together but looking at it now I would assume I was watching plenty of Reno 911 at the time.


The youngest track on the album yet arguably the most mature. Writing the jam out second half was fun. We first started gigging it on our last tour of Europe and had a particularly great time playing it in Kromeriz during which we crowd surfed while playing said section! Those Czech lads know how to get down.

Cousin’s new record Music To Polish Your Rifle To is out on Barely Regal Records on the 23rd of March.