They’ve been in hiding for a while, but finally, Leeds trio Campfires are back on form with a new line-up and live session.

It’s always a bit of a weird one when a band goes through a line-up change. Things can quickly go off track. Old members can get arsey, new members can be hard to find and new music can be really difficult to write. But, with Campfires, the transition – from an onlooker’s perspective – has been nothing if not seamless.

The math pop three-piece – consisting of founding member Chris Milnes, and new additions Matthew Byrne and David Smith – have been busy perfecting their new sound since September last year. And whilst they’ve been somewhat quiet over the past 6 months, the band have actually been really busy – recording, filming, writing, promoting, bonding and planning.

So, in the first in a long line of Campfires related news, we’re really happy to bring you the band’s brand new track ‘Raucous Fashionista’ – recorded and filmed by the beautiful people at Small Pond Recordings. Watch above.

We recently caught up with Guitarist and Vocalist Chris Milnes to talk about Campfires. He went pretty in-depth, discussing new line-up changes, songwriting, recording and filming with Small Pond Recordings. Read below:

This track is about one of my mates who had been out to a warehouse rave and met a guy there who she’d taken a liking to. She was chatting to me about it and telling me all about the stuff they had in common and she couldn’t believe. She was really shocked by the fact that they both liked the TV programme “friends” and they both wore new balance trainers. Then she told me about how they went home and had a big life discussion with their e-cigarettes. It just made me laugh because its such a stereotypical student image that you see everyone with, and she couldn’t believe it. So I decided to write a song about it. I have no idea why it’s called ‘Raucous Fashionista’.

“Also, Campfires have reformed with a new drummer and bassist, and it’s basically a completely different band now. We are just planning to gig a lot this year and gradually record an ep or maybe a single. Hoping for a release in autumn and a little tour to promote it. We should be playing a lot though.

“The session with Small Pond was a really traumatic, horrible day. We left Leeds at 5am and got to Brighton at about 11. Dave (bassist) had driven us down in his car, and literally as soon as we got to Brighton the clutch in his car went. We were almost certain we weren’t going to get home, and were going to have to stay in Brighton, but me and Matty had work the next morning. Dave was in a horrible mood all day, and we weren’t too happy either. The session actually went quite well though, and the Small Pond guys are so fucking sound. Vlad is absolutely lovely and completely hilarious.”

Campfires play their first official show with their new line-up on Sunday the 8th of March at Wharf Chambers with Orchards, Tall Talker and Piles Of Clothes. RSVP now.

The band are also set to support Axes in Brighton on the 12th of March alongside Bearded Youth Quest and Orchards. Book tickets now.