US math rock punks Lions return with a 3-way split and new track ‘Frankie “The Enforcer” Stecchino’.

In a world riddled with vocal-less bands and 10-minute post-rock epics, Lions are a breath of fresh air.

Since surfacing in Knoxville, Tennessee, Lions have made a name for themselves through a series of brilliant EPs, singles and splits. Mixing emotive and technical songwriting, their unique sound has quickly grown over the past few years, gaining them more and more attention. And well deserved too. With songs like ‘Defeating Verbs’ and ‘Time Spent Spending Time Apart’, it’s hard to see how anyone could not like Lions. And their new track only confirms this.

Taken from their new 3-way split with Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold & Sports – out 18th March 2016 – Lions’ brand new track ‘Frankie “The Enforcer” Stecchino’ is some of their best work. Listen to ‘Frankie “The Enforcer” Stecchino’ in all its glory right now above along with the band’s brilliant prom-themed music video.

Lions’ guitarist and singer Josiah Smith was kind enough to give us some more information about the track and video:

“We never thought we’d want to or be at a place to make a music video. When the opportunity came we knew we’d make it as goofy and as weird as possible. We had a lot of friends help make this happen (FELLOW BANDS: Messes, Lost Swimmer, and Leaving lent their acting, directorial, and editing skills). The video isn’t reflective of the song’s meaning. It was just meant to be a fun and interesting interpretation but it definitely stands on its own as a wildly imaginative take on self doubt. “

Lions / Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold / Sports 3-way split is out on Broken World and Broken Rim Records on the 18th of March on 12″ vinyl.