So, TTNG are pretty good right?!

What is there to say about a band like TTNG that hasn’t already been said a hundred times? Oxford. Math rock. Time signatures. Cats – you get the picture… They’re an undisputed institution. And rightly fucking so, because they’re incredible.

But, before you start chatting soppy shit about Stu and Animals, and how ‘Aardvark’ is the best thing they’ve ever done, let’s get one thing straight. Disappointment Island is some of the band’s best work. Period. So post that on your Facebook group.

Part of what makes Disappointment Island so good is it’s overwhelming authenticity. Recorded live, straight to tape, TTNG’s new album isn’t just a great record because of its songs, it’s also a great album because of how close it brings TTNG’s live and recorded sound. See perfect example below:

Taken from their session with Brighton boys Small Pond, ‘Sponkulus Nodge’ showcases just how far the Oxford 3-piece in the past few years and how relatable their most recent record is. Now, for the love of god can we have a UK tour please!?