With only a few weeks to go until ArcTanGent 2015, we thought we’d put a spotlight on a few of the bands we’re really looking forward to seeing.

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We’ve put together a list 10 bands that we can’t wait to see at this year’s festival. 10 bands that you – if you’re going to ArcTanGent this year – should definitely go and see if you get the chance.

Remember, these are our choices, so sorry if we missed out your all time favourite band! It’s only a short list. We could have made it a top 50, but 10 seemed a bit more doable. So enjoy, and see you there. In no particular order, here are our picks…


Day: Friday
Stage: Yohkai
FFO: Scale The Summit, Animals As Leaders, Plini, Tigran Hamasyan

Technical four-piece Chon have gained a massive following over the past few years thanks to their tight guitar lines, boyish good looks and bedroom playthroughs. Their debut full-length Grow came out earlier this year, and it’s an incredible piece of work. Expect gnarly riffage and wet pants.

Patchwork Natives

Day: Friday
Stage: PX3
FFO: Rooftops, Alarmist, Suffer Like G Did, LITE

Home-grown Brighton heroes Patchwork Natives have been steadily winning over fans with their unique style of progressive, groove-led instrumental music. Fusing prog, math rock, post rock, hip hop, jazz and ambient music, the band are about to blow everyone away with the release of their debut EP N / F / L / S. A MUST see!

Body Hound

Day: Friday
Stage: Arc
FFO: Brontide, Rosa Valle, Sikth, Tera Melos

One of the most exciting and devastating bands of the last few years, Body Hound are CRIMINALLY FUCKING UNDERRATED. Their debut EP Rhombus Now completely blew us away when it was released last year – and has had us punching walls ever since. If you’re looking for music that’s ferocious, chaotic, discordant and extremely technical – then look no further.


Day: Friday
Stage: Bixler
FFO: Ghosts And Vodka, Glocca Morra, Polvo, Don Caballero, Owls

Cousin are an elusive bunch; modest, content and yet, incredibly talented. Cousin play melodic and free-flowing instrumental music which is emotive and immersive. After releasing what is one of the best instrumental records of the last few years, Cousin are finally playing ArcTanGent – and we can’t wait.

Delta Sleep

Day: Friday
Stage: Bixler
FFO: Colour, Maps & Atlases, Axes, Enemies

First band in our list with a vocalist, Delta Sleep are a complete all-rounder. They – for us – personify math rock in 2015 and are one of our all time favourite bands. Twin Galaxies is perfect, and Devin Yuceil’s vocal delivery is just incredible.


Day: Friday
Stage: Yohkai
FFO: Three Trapped Tigers, ASIWYFA, Adebisi Shank, Bearcubbin, Gallops

This French two-piece are unstoppable. They’ve been knocking around for a while now, loudly making music for a select audience – but in the past year Quadrupède have really come into their own. Playing layered and eclectic instrumental music, the duo together make the sound of about 6 people.

Tangled Hair

Day: Saturday
Stage: Bixler
FFO: Colour, Tubelord, American Football, Enemies

Absolute veterans of the alternative scene, Tangled Hair are finally going to play ArcTanGent (we hope). After dropping out just days before last year’s festival, the trio are no doubt going to have a huge crowd this year – and well deserved too. Let’s hope for that album sometime soon.


Day: Friday
Stage: Yohkai
FFO: 65daysofstatic,  Bonobo, Caribou

Providing something different from the rest of our picks, Vessels are 5 electronic-led 5-piece who mix post-rock and dance music to devastating effect. If you’re looking for a game changer, then make sure you’re in the Yohkai tent on Friday night.


Day: Thursday
Stage: Yohkai
FFO: Alpha Male Tea Party, Adebisi Shank, You Slut!

We’ve been massive supporters of Cleft for years now, and they never cease to impress. After a difficult year, Cleft are now back, and ready to play one of the best shows of their career. Expect massive riffs, loops, bendy knees and huge drums.

The Fall Of Troy

Day: Friday
Stage: Arc
FFO: The Fall of Troy

Last but not least, we have The Fall Of Troy. Not sure we need to say much more than that. Fall Of Fucking Troy.

If you still haven’t got yourself a ticket, then make sure you grab one asap from the ArcTanGent website.

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Words by Andy Crowder