Stream Peaks’ brand new ‘Hollowhead’ EP


Bad Grammar front man Ben Forrester introduces a handful of lush, stripped-back songs with his new project Peaks. Gone are the overdriven guitars, guttural shouts and crashing drums of his last band, but that doesn’t make the down-beat and emotive sounds of Peaks any less potent. Brain-child of Manchester-based ‘muso’ and all-round bad boy Ben Forrester, Peaks has only been around since the end of last year, but things are already moving quickly, and rightly so. His second release of year, Hollowhead (recorded by the very talented Dan Beesley) sums up Peaks’ lush, loop-driven sound perfectly. It’s subtle, clean, raw. Fleeting, yet memorable. Short, but sweet. It’s emotional, not emo. It tugs at the heartstrings, but it doesn’t leave you crying naked on the floor in a puddle… Read More →

Listen to Death and the Penguin’s brand new EP

Death and the Penguin Band

London’s Death and the Penguin are back with their incredible new EP, Eine Kleine Granatenmusik. Listen to it right now… It’s been a while since we spoke about Death and the Penguin. According to our site, it’s been just over a year since we premiered their last release ‘Space 1998′. And quite frankly, we’re ecstatic to have them back. Death and the Penguin have been producing intelligent and expansive rock music for the past 3-year. And since Accidents Happen – the band’s debut EP – the internet, and the wider music scene, has been coming to terms with their post-hardcore-influenced sound. A sound, which has developed and somehow become even more honed and on-point than before. Cue new EP. Eine Kleine Granatenmusik is the band’s most succinct and powerful work… Read More →

Listen to La Jungle’s incredible new album ‘II’

La Jungle

They’re loud, they’re Belgian, and their new album is gonna fuck you up. This is La Jungle. Right, I’m going to come clean. Before Tuesday I’d never heard of La Jungle. Didn’t have a clue. I didn’t even know they were releasing a new record. I was just bumbling around, bumping into walls and trying to pretend my life had some sort of cosmic meaning. But on Tuesday, everything changed. I now know who La Jungle are and I’m very happy about it. La Jungle’s sound is hard to pin point. It’s loud, it’s progressive and it’s very percussive. Combining elements of experimental music, krautrock, post-rock and noise, La Jungle’s songs are mammoth, both in size and length. Think Battles, Daft Punk, That Fucking… Read More →

Listen to Exploder Than You’s new track ‘Castle House’

Exploder Than You

Christ. What is it with people from Brighton. They’re considerate, forward thinking, creative, talented. Please, just stop. You’re making us look bad. Cue Exploder Than You; a southern-based math-pop trio with a new song, a new video, a new EP and a new record label. And your new favourite band, probably. So, we’re only a few sentences in, and I’ve used the words ‘forward thinking’, ‘creative’, and included ‘new’ no fewer than 6 times. Yes, I hate myself. But, I don’t hate Exploder Than You. On the contrary, I actually kind of love them. And their new single ‘Castle House’ is testament to that. Following on nicely from their last release, on ‘Castle House’ ETY are as catchy and poppy and frantic as ever. It’s an… Read More →

Luo announce debut album ‘Sleep Spindles’ and release new track


After a string of brilliant EPs, singles, live sessions, remixes, reimaginings and collaborations, Luo are finally set to release their debut album Sleep Spindles.  It’s been nearly exactly a year since Brighton-based electronic instrumental troop Luo released Ebb & Flow; a record that finally introduced Luo as a fully functioning live band. And whilst Josh Trinnaman (the super clever music guy behind Luo) has been producing incredible glitchy music under the Luo moniker for over 4 years, a full-length record has never materialised, until now that is. And we couldn’t be more excited. Taken from their up-coming record Sleep Spindles, the band’s new track ‘Octopus’ highlights all that’s great about Luo. Downbeat, glitchy, complex, ambient and thoughtful; it’s a track that’s hard to pin down. And… Read More →

Watch TTNG Perform ‘Sponkulus Nodge’ In Small Pond Session


So, TTNG are pretty good right?! What is there to say about a band like TTNG that hasn’t already been said a hundred times? Oxford. Math rock. Time signatures. Cats – you get the picture… They’re an undisputed institution. And rightly fucking so, because they’re incredible. But, before you start chatting soppy shit about Stu and Animals, and how ‘Aardvark’ is the best thing they’ve ever done, let’s get one thing straight. Disappointment Island is some of the band’s best work. Period. So post that on your Facebook group. Part of what makes Disappointment Island so good is it’s overwhelming authenticity. Recorded live, straight to tape, TTNG’s new album isn’t just a great record because of its songs, it’s also a great album because of how close it… Read More →

Hello ‘Wrong’, goodbye Cleft


Bad news, Cleft are calling it a day. Good news, they’ve just released an incredible new album and live video. Swings and roundabouts. Cleft have always been good. I can’t remember a time when they didn’t sound amazing. When MM first picked them up, just after the release of their incredible Whale Bone EP, they were already well on their was to becoming the band they are today. Loud, technical, talented, professional, personable; it’s no wonder Dan and John have enjoyed such success as a two-piece over the last few years. And somehow, they’ve got better. Their sound has been honed, their songs refined and ideas expanded upon. And their efforts have paid off big time. They’ve shared stages with the… Read More →

MM recommends Cleft, &U&I & more in Birmingham

Cleft &U&I Birmingham

Join riff kings Cleft for their last ever Birmingham show alongside the likes of &U&I, Doppelgänger, Bearfoot Beware and more. From the Midlands? Never seen Cleft before? What the hell have you been doing with your life? Manchester’s most polite and well-behaved math rock two-piece are doing the rounds for the last time this month, and are headed to Muthers Studio for their last ever Birmingham show. So make sure to tell mum you’re going to miss dinner, ’cause this one’s gonna blow your fucking face off. Joining the turbo prog duo at their last Brum gig on the 14th of May are local hometown heroes &U&I, Wrexham alt-rock outfit Doppelgänger, fuzz fuckers Bearfoot Beware, shouty shits Classically Handsome Brutes and post-rock… Read More →

Gallops announce return, new album & appearence at ArcTanGent


After hints and rumours. The unbelievable is happening. Gallops are back. What’s it been… two, maybe three years since influential instrumental four-piece Gallops suddenly called it a day? One minute they’re playing a set to a packed room at the Brudenell in Leeds, the next, they’re dead. What the fuck man? They release Yours Sincerely Dr Hardcore and then (according to completely unreliable sources) they get in a fight and call it a day. Well, we were pretty bummed to say the least. Fast forward a couple of years though, and just as we’re starting to get on with our lives, Gallops have announced that they are returning. And not just for a few shitty dates. They’re back for good. They’re going into… Read More →

Listen to Lions’ new track ‘Frankie “The Enforcer” Stecchino’


US math rock punks Lions return with a 3-way split and new track ‘Frankie “The Enforcer” Stecchino’. In a world riddled with vocal-less bands and 10-minute post-rock epics, Lions are a breath of fresh air. Since surfacing in Knoxville, Tennessee, Lions have made a name for themselves through a series of brilliant EPs, singles and splits. Mixing emotive and technical songwriting, their unique sound has quickly grown over the past few years, gaining them more and more attention. And well deserved too. With songs like ‘Defeating Verbs’ and ‘Time Spent Spending Time Apart’, it’s hard to see how anyone could not like Lions. And their new track only confirms this. Taken from their new 3-way split with Perspective, A Lovely Hand To… Read More →