Delta Sleep’s debut album is hands down, one of the best releases of 2015 so far.

Label: Big Scary Monsters
Release: 15th June 2015
FFO: Colour, Maps & Atlases, Axes, Enemies

The last three weeks have been an absolute dream. Getting to know Delta Sleep’s first full length has been a pleasure – a rich experience full of endless ups and down. And I genuinely don’t remember the last time a record made me feel like that.

It’s been a long wait though. Over 2 years have passed since Management, and in the meantime Delta Sleep have been through a lot. But through line-up changes and periods of hibernation the band have finally released their debut album, Twin Galaxies – a record which sets the bar for math rock and alternative music in the UK.

A complex, yet beautiful and thoughtful record; Twin Galaxies starts incredibly strong. Delta Sleep’s defining chaotic and destructive sound is back, and somehow more poignant than ever. The dynamic crashes and quick guitar stabs are still present, and so are the non-linear song progressions – but there’s definitely sometime different this time around.

In Twin Galaxies, Delta Sleep’s sound is more hard-hitting and inspirational than ever. Proportionally it’s almost near perfect. Flow, timing, variety – its all there. As a listener you’re never bored or tired, it’s never too ‘full on’ and it’s almost never predictable. And whilst, instrumentally, Twin Galaxies is as jaw dropping as any record can be – the drumming a particular highlight – it’s Devin’s lyricism and vocal ability that makes this album truly unforgettable.

From the guttural screams found in ‘Uncle Ivan’, through to the whispered Dave Davison-like decrescendos found in ’21 Letters’ – Devin consistently brings forth unrivaled emotion and relevance to Delta Sleep’s sound in Twin Galaxies. Conceptually and thematically, the record is utterly flawless. Every line, verse and song is flooded with moving references that are immediately memorable. Devin’s heartbreaking lyrics find more meaning with each playthrough, and his vocal performance is one of best I’ve ever heard in the genre… Yet another compelling argument for vocalists.

Standout tracks: ‘Lake Sprinkle Sprankle’, ’21 Letters’, ‘Strongthany’

Over the course of the years, the math rock ‘scene’ has seen many bands come and go. It seems the genre is plagued by a fleetingness that sees musicians come and go in quick succession. But, something tells me Delta Sleep are different. Whilst it was bands like Colour, Blakfish, American Football, Adebisi Shank, Tubelord and Reuben that brought alternative music into so many of our lives, it’s Delta Sleep who will no doubt define the math rock sound for the next generation of fans to come.

Twin Galaxies is that good.

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Words by Andy Crowder