Lock up your butts, ’cause Bearfoot Beware are back – bigger, better and beefier than ever.

There are few constants in life. People change, music evolves, bands split up, friends move on, lovers leave and guess what, we all die. It’s the maddening cycle of this ridiculous life which pushes things forward. But fuck it, sometimes change sucks. We’ve seen too many amazing bands and artists piss off and pack it in, and we’re sick of it. And that’s where Bearfoot Beware come in.

Leeds’ Bearfoot Beware are one of the few, true constants in life. They’re immortal. Timeless. They’re like the musical equivalent of gravity, except without all that science bullshit. They’ve always been around and they always will.

Go to almost any show at the Brudenell in Leeds and you’ll probably bump into either Tom, Ric or Mike. And more often than not, they’ll probably be one of the bands playing. They’re a true Leeds institution, and their scuzzy, shouty math-punk genius is known to many.

That’s not to say that Bearfoot Beware aren’t moving forward, because they are – they really are. In April the trio will be releasing their debut full-length album, called World Owes You Nowt – and quite frankly we can’t wait.

But, if you can’t wait either, then don’t worry, because we’re proud to present Bearfoot Beware’s brand new track ‘He Should’ve Died (As A Kid)’ – the first single and video from their upcoming release. Watch above and enjoy.