Ireland. It’s a pretty small place that has been seeping a mathsy-rock type of ooze as of late. There was a time growing up in Ireland when Friday evenings meant watching the Late Late Show with your parents and being led to believe that Bono was in fact a musical note personified…

Thankfully young people like ASIWYFA, Adebisi Shank, and Enemies have helped disprove this myth and are going someway to fighting the smell of shit that is The Script wafting around the murky waters of popular music.

It almost seems like the explosion in maths has helped overlook some of the quieter and more restrained music that we are producing, some of which like Subplots or Private Underground Residence has been criminally overlooked (seriously, everyone check out Subplots) while others like Cork’s sideproject have been sporadically carving out an audience since their last release in 2008. Five years on and sideproject are back with an EP that isn’t going to change the face of post-rock but would fit into the collection of any fans of Tubelord, Mogwai, or God is an Astronaut.

‘Meet Me in Montauk’ is one of the EP’s standout tracks and opens with a melancholy bassline that quickly hits an atmospheric peak courtesy of some wonderful sounding production that leaves the drums sounding big and live throughout the record. There is a clear decision to keep everything sounding clean and compressed and this really adds sonically to the style of the EP. The clean tones of both guitars play back and forth throughout the track and don’t get muddled up or lost leaving a mid section for Tom’s soft vocals to fill leaving you with a track that sounds huge without any extenuating effort to do so.


While the EP doesn’t loose its way in the middle it does seem to loose some of the momentum garnered from ‘Meet Me in Montauk’. ‘Answer Back’ only really peaks towards the last minute and doesn’t feel like it should be as long as it is and somehow detracts from what follows and precedes which is for the most part excellent. ‘Suspended Over White Skies’ goes a long way to bringing you back into the album as the mid-section triumphantly marches you along with some really interesting drumming and guitar interplay.

‘All Watched Over by Loving Machines of Grace’ is a fantastic song. Nuff said there as the cherry on top comes in the surprising forms of drummer Dave Lynch’s foray into trumpeteering that beautiful softens following some rare distortion and screaming. The last track on the EP is a treat of veritable internet nerydness, murder mystery and more importantly excellent songwriting. ‘Caleb “Kai” Lawrence’ is an impressive instrumental piece that closes the EP as strongly as it starts. With its decidedly more up-tempo and busy feel to the rest of the EP it fits in great as a closing track and reminds you that sometimes a sample and an idea can make something very creepy indeed. Did I mention it’s about murder?